Saturday, August 22, 2009


Brian and I were discussing what is probably my ALL time FAVORITE talk given by a General Authority. This was not a talk given at General Conference. It was originally given at a CES Fireside for Young Adults.

I loved it when I first heard it.

I have loved it every time I have read it.

Brian and I were discussing how beautiful it was on Sunday evening when he opened the September issue of The Ensign and lo and behold, it is reprinted there.

Lessons from Liberty Jail by Jeffrey Holland:,4945,538-1-4543-1,00.html

I won't babble on and on and wreck it for you.

Happy Reading!

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McMom said...

I love Jeffrey R. Holland and this is one of his best. I'm using it in my R.S. lesson tomorrow. Thanks for sharing it with everyone who doesn't know what a great talk it is!