Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We already know that this is my favorite day!
RANDOM THOUGHT TUESDAY with Keely at the Unmom/ ROCKS!

Garrett passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review.
He is officially an Eagle Scout. You should have seen Brian and I fighting over the paper and arguing who was going to drive it down to the scout office today. Garrett was going to take it down, but remember......he has two jobs. He's a business man!
I have soooo much to do and am totally freaking out.
None of it is major - just time consuming.
I am totally behind on correspondence - like sending an email update from Trammell in Cambodia.
But the network that he uses to send emails was down last week.
When it was working, he received permission to use the internet but he dropped us two lines telling us 1) I'm not sending my photo card home because the Cambodian mail service is as reliable as a 17 year old son. (Who is he talking about???? ;) ) and 2) I'm not writing because I would rather use this time to get out and work. i love you. I'll write next week.
So Trammell!!!!

* Parker, Simon and I went to the Museum of Nature and Science yesterday. Simon wasn't real keen on the idea. I think that when I said Museum, he thought ART Museum and thought Louvre. And really? How could Denver compete with Paris when it comes to art? Pass!!!!

I thought we'd spend an hour roaming around. FOUR hours later, the boys were ready to go. And we didn't even take in IMAX or the Planetarium. We saw mummies, took in the health expedition - way interactive (if you count riding a bike for three minutes in a short skirt while your heart rate is being measured as interactive), went on a dinosaur expedition, and perused through rooms of "stuffed" animals. Simon loved the Koalas, the lynx and trying to park the space shuttle. We were all pretty bored by the Indian stuff. So, anyone in Denver with kids between 2 and 92 - Check it out!!!!

* Oh my gosh, do NOT read the book that I just finished! It's called And Sometimes Why. And I would like to know sometimes why I insist on finishing stupid books. It was on the Booklist Top Ten First Novel List. I'm definitely not reading the other nine!

I shouldn't tell you not to read it. Maybe you like books where 15 year olds have sex with everyone they meet and then sneak out to hook up with 37 year old drunk band members who take them on motorcycle rides, crash and end up in a coma and their families fall apart and nothing redeeming happens. I hope I didn't ruin it for you!
And to think that Vogue called it "Wise and Affectingly Humane."
1) Who would ever listen to Vogue's opinion on "literature."

2) What exactly is "affectingly humane?" <- well, they DO recycle in the book and try not to use chemicals that would harm the environment. Yeah, maybe that's it.
* I think I am pretty sick of the government being involved in my life. Our country is a mess. Well, not the whole country, but certain people trying to run the country.

I am sitting here writing my $1,200 check for health insurance because even though Brian is self employeed but not making any $$$$, we're responsible and still pay for our own insurance. But it would be kind of cool if YOU GUYS paid it; cuz you make more than we do and why shouldn't you pay for me? Anyway, when I put the check in the mailbox, I'm going to look and see if my GM stock certificate has arrived since I unwittingly bought a few shares last winter.

*Don't you hate it when you are hungry and nothing sounds good to eat? This usually happens to me at breakfast. So yesterday, I had chocolate cake and coke. I don't really like chocolate, so I thought it would tast better covered with whipped cream. It kind of did. Today, for breakfast, I had cheese puffs.

* Everyone thought that Garrett and Tyler would have their Eagle Court of Honor together. They can't. We only have one scout shirt and one sash (both of them belong to Trammell). Do you think it would look bad if Tyler wore the shirt and received his honors and then whippd off the shirt and passed it to Garrett?

*Would you ever go hiking in the Middle East during a war and "accidentally" stray into enemy territory and profress shock when you were thrown in a foreign jail????
Seriously! Enough Random!
I have to go DO something!


valerie said...

If they know your family, I'd say they wouldnt' even blink if Garrett and Tyler shared one shirt. :) Great Randomness! I better go work on mine. :)

Mama Badger said...

If they share the shirt, do they get the "thrify-ness" badge?

Melissa said...

Thanks for the warning about the book. Not that I have time to read, but now I won't feel bad about it :)

Missty said...

Love the randomness. And those boys have never had their own shirts? How have they managed to do camps, and court of honors? My boys actually have two each. A nice one for court of honors, etc. then an older one for wearing at camp outs,etc. And thw sash, well all the badges have to go them, so again they each have there own.

And really I have several, I should send you one or five as we dont do scouts anymore.

Allison Williams said...

Sounds like a really good book.......NOT! Thanks for the warning :)

Keely said...

"affectingly humane" sounds like code for "we're trying to blow smoke up your a$$".

Shirley said...

I can understand one shirt, but why would the boys only have one sash? They must have badges laying around somewhere. It's time they sewed them on.

We only had one scout shirt too but my boys are five years apart. The shirt was still way too big when older son was done with it. Younger son had to squeeze into it for his eagle court of honor. The older brother is now the "little" brother.