Monday, August 24, 2009


Do you hear me crying?

I love, LOVE, LOVE having my kids home for the summer,
and I would love to have an additional month or two with no school.
But the school district insisted that they come back to school now, they go.

Get out. Buh-bye.

So let's get random with Keely at The

* Here are the "Back to School" pictures.

Okay, it was 5:20 in the morning when these were taken.
And my subjects were not very cooperative.

Garrett was the first "victim" to arrive to the kitchen ready to go."

G:"Mom,'s dark outside. Can we do this later?"
"Really, let's do this after school."

P: " are NOT taking back to school pictures now. It's 5:20!"
G: "I tried that Parker. She's taking your picture."

I was ready for them when they pulled up in the driveway after school.

* Sunday, Parker came downstairs around 9:30 pm.

"Ummm....Mom? I just realized, we never did any school supply shopping."

Me: "School supplies? What school supplies?"
P: "I don't know."

Me: "Well there are 1,500 sheets of notebook paper, 120 mechanical pencils, 18 spiral notebooks and 12 packs of notecards upstairs in the school supply closet."

P: "But we need binders."

Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get right on that.
* Remember last week's cupcake jaunt?
Yes, a new cupcake joint opened and we ventured down there.
First, the cupcake flavors were too weird:
Creme Brulee
Chai Tea
Purple Velvet
But worse, the cupcakes were like bricks.
All of the commercial cupcakes we have tested have been dense little bricks of baked batter.
You know what I like?
Fake cake!
Cake from a mix <- There, I admit it!
I like the light fluffliness of preservatives.
* Tonight, the Bonehead Brothers get their Eagle Scout.
I have to, oops, get to take dessert.
You know what I am going to take?
Yep, cupcakes made from a mix.
But the frosting will be real buttercream.
*Don't you love butter?
*Guess what I get to buy today?
Yeah, Parker needs it (along with the binders) for Algebra 2.
P: "Mom, can we go through Trammell's boxes and find his TI-85?"
Me: "Didn't we do that last year?"
P: "I don't think so. I used Garrett's or I used one of the school's."
Me: "I know. But I swear we got out all the boxes."
P: "Nah."
So we climbed up on top of the shelves and got out all of Trammell's boxes which he so carefully packed before leaving for Cambodia and gave a cursory glance through each one.
After falling off the shelving onto Parker, dropping two boxes from the top shelf, scanning a box of Nerf Guns, and digging through 15 pairs of shoes, we're on box five.
Me: "You know, I am positive we did this last year."
P: "Yeah, I think we did."
Pretty RaNDoM! (but still all about me!)


Toni said...

hehe I bet they just loved you at 5.20 in the morning!

I am Harriet said...

I'm feeling your bts pain....:)
Have a great Tuesday!

valerie said...

lol funny about school pics that early in the morning. Enjoy your "you" time! One more week for me. :) P.s. Way to go on the Eagle scouts!

Snooker said...

OK, I'm pretty geeky, but I had to look up the T1-85 thing. Who knew?
When I was in Algebra we did these kinds of calculations long hand. That said... these kids today are so spoiled... now get off my lawn. :)

Pollyanna said...

There are smiles so it looks like they had a good first day.

Buttercream, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

Javan said...

I agree - the cupcakes were like bricks. I might visit them every once in a while just to eat frosting. My favorites are still from Happy Cakes...or from a mix! LOL I agree with you on that, too. Did you see Julie and Julia yet? You would love it, I think; most of the movie is an ode to butter.

TheSingleGirl said...

My palette (hrm. sp?) is not sophisticated for acai chai vegan burnt butter rum macadamia cupcakes. I just like vanilla. With sprinkles. What's with the new weirdo cupcake trend?

Raven said...

Great pics, what handsome boys.

I swear, every year I buy an expensive calculator for my girls but they claim that I didn't or they lose them. I'm sure I'll have to buy more again this year. lol

Wonderful random thoughts!


Seansmoma said...

Calculator? I used pen and paper! How unfair!

Buttercream? Yummy!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

McMom said...

C'mon, I'm sure you really were crying about the kids going back to school. . . tears of JOY!

Swoozie said...

Get out. Buh bye.

Now THAT is priceless! LOL!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

There's nothing wrong with all about you, pssh, it's YOUR blog.

I'm making cupcakes on Thursday in honor of Chick's second year with us. Stop by and lick my blog if you like (okay that sounded soooo bad!)

You make them kids get up earllly!

Missty said...

LOL. Love the pictures. I am sure I will get the same comments in a week or two.