Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's Writer's Workshop with Mamakat/ today.
Go on over, pick a prompt and write your heart out!

One of the prompts is "How did you break it...?"
Well, I'm cheating (a little).
I'm not talking about HOW we broke it,
but I'm talking about the fact that we BROKE THE MOLD!

Yep, 18 years ago, Garrett was born!

And there is no one else quite like him!

We broke the mold!


Here's some things we like about Garrett -

*Garrett is aDVeNTuRouS!
He loves to try new things, whether it is a new sport or a new food.
He is at the front of the line!

He's climbed 14er's. He's gone on 50 mile bike rides. He knows how to mountain climb. He is an expert snowboarder. He can fly fish. He can hit a target with a gun or with an arrow. He's played T-ball, been on the swim team, and played tennis, golf, soccer, football, and lacrosse.

* Garrett is CReaTiVe & iMaGiNaTiVe!
Garrett used to sit in his carseat and make up words and games.
We still use some of his made up words around the house today.

Once while at a family dinner at Grandma Carol's house,
all the children disappeared.
The adults didn't mind. We enjoyed visiting without interruption.

When it was time to go home,
we found the kids (about 10 of them under 8),
jumping from near the top of the staircase into a pile of pillows at the bottom.

We were horrified!
Three or four pillows wasn't much to break a jump from 12 stairs up.
Someone could have broken a leg.

We quizzed the kids and they said that Garrett made up the game.
When asked how he came up with such an idea,
he proudly responded, "Oh...I'm the family genius."

* Garrett is SMaRT!
He did almost fail preschool because during his "final"
he could not identify his ankle.
I think he thought it was a stupid question not worthy of an answer. Duh!
Things have gotten better since then!
So far, he has outperformed his older brother on every AP test that he has taken.

And hey, we have to hand it to him because he has gotten an A in English every year since elementary school (including AP Language) without reading a single book!

I lied. He read All Quiet on the Western Front and Twilight from cover to cover.

* Garrett is a HaRD WoRKeR!

He is currently holding down two jobs - lifeguarding and managing a mini storage.

He loves both of his jobs and takes his work very seriously.
I still laugh when I hear him on his "work phone." (Yeah, he has a separate work phone - a Blackberry.)
"Hello. Havana Self Storage, this is Garrett. Oh yes Steve, thank you for returning my call. Because you are behind on your rent, we are going to have to lock your unit. I would be happy to take your credit card number over the phone and clear up your account."

* Garrett is SeNSiTiVe!

Not sensitive in that his feelings get hurt, but sensitive in that he can relate to others and he thinks about their feelings. He is empathetic.

We're pretty sure that he will have all girls when he grows up.
He's the only boy I know who understands the importance of turning around to go back home for a matching headband or lipgloss.

* Garrett is a LeaDeR!

Garrett has been in student council since elementary school.
He has been in the high school leadership class all four years.

He's the captain of the Varsity lacrosse team and he's the 1st assistant in the Priest Quorum at church.
But more important, he's a quiet example to his brothers and younger cousins.

* Garrett HoNoRS THe PRieSTHooD!
I've heard him complain about school or other responsibilities but he has NEVER complained about performing his priesthood duties.

He willingly goes home teaching, prepares the sacrament, take his brother to collect fast offerings, takes the sacrament to the elderly or sick and attends priesthood meetings.

* Garrett is an aWeSoMe BRoTHeR!

He willingly <- key word there, takes his brother to school, lacrosse, dances, and late night runs to Taco Bell. He is a good friend to both of his brothers. He never rats them out (darn!). He sticks up for them and he looks out for them.

* Garrett is FuN!

He loves life. He's involved. He's always down for something crazy - boxing in the basement, dressing up and going to dinner downtown, TPing a girls' slumber party, going to the thrift store for wacky clothes or being a flag boy at the football games. He likes being creative and he's not afraid to put himself out there.

* Garrett is TaLeNTeD!

You wouldn't guess that he has played the violin since he was 6. He can sing. He can make up raps. He is an awesome dancer. He is athletic. He's a great public speaker. He is artistic. He has fashion sense.

* Garrett is TRue To HiMSeLF!
He does the right thing and makes good choices.
He cannot be manipulated, threatened or guilted into doing something (puts a twist in parenting!).
He knows what he wants and doesn't waver.
He has always been internally motivated.

* Garrett is FuNNY!
He'll make you laugh!
We laugh with him and at him all day long!

When I go to parent/teacher conferences, every single teacher says, "I LOVE having Garrett in class. He is soooo funny. He always entertains me. And he's the only one who gets my jokes."

I always ask, "Do you grade on funny? Is there a grade for that?"
If there was, he would be valedictorian.

He has sent me videos of him teaching his English teacher how to dance and his name spelled out in flames in Chemistry.

Garrett, we love you! We're so glad you are in our family!
We couldn't ask for a better son!

G$ (GMuny)


Jennifer said...

I like your broken too. Happy birthday to your baby!

Thanks for stopping by.

Miss. Candy said...

I love this post, you should be so proud of not only him, but of you!!

Guymons said...

Sounds like a wonderful son. I loved reading your post and the cute pictures. I like Garrett. And I really like you!!!! I know if we lived in the same town, we'd be friends. Garrett and William would probably be friends, too! (But that might be scary, haha).

SupahMommy said...

WHAT A SWEET MOM you are!! It is obvious that you are head over heels for your kiddos. :)


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Missty said...

Happy Birthday to Garrett!!! And you gave him a great post!!

Jennifer said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday Garrett!

Melissa said... is that?? :)
Garrett sounds like a great kid... from a great mama!! :)

TheSingleGirl said...


I like this.


Ashlee said...

what a fun post! I think your broken is the best I've read. Happy Birthday to your handsome boy Stopping by from MamaKats! xo!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!!!!

Jen said...

What a great birthday post! stopped over from Mama Kat's. Happy Birthday to your son.

Unknown Mami said...

What a wonderful ode to Garrett! Happy Birthday, indeed.

Foursons said...

That's quite a guy you've got there. Any girl would be lucky to have him. You've done well, Mom.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Okay my Happy Birthday Garrett!! sounds pretty lame after all that.

But Happy Birthday anyway.

Jeanette said...

Great tribute! He sounds like a keeper.

Raven said...

Your Garret sounds like a great kid, and a lot like my youngest daughter. She has a lot of the same qualities. She would have been the ring leader with the pillow jumping too. She's always coming up with creative ways to almost break a leg. lol

Great post and I love your blog!

Kim said...

happy bday garrett!! bette has already emailed me that youll be in ut in nov.

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