Monday, August 31, 2009


Modelling is work......really!
It's not all it's cracked up to be.
And it's really NOT about being cute.
It's work!

Garrett and I left the house today at 6:45 and returned at 3:00.

I accomplished nothing!
He accomplished a lot.

He had to work and work made him miss school.
You know he was sad.

I'm exhausted.

He's exhausted.

But he should be.
His day included-
3 wardrobe changes

hanging out in an RV
doing "kung fu" kicks on a mini trampoline
kicking a soccer ball around for several hours
looking good as directed
cheering for an invisible football team
walking this way
looking that way
kicking the ball toward "me"
kicking the ball away from "me"
running at a diagonal

My day included -
watching all of this.

So you can see what I am exhausted!

The RV/dressing room

Garrett and some of the crew setting up the next shot.

The crew includes 2 local stylists, the photographer and two of his assistants, and the director, the art director and two marketing guys all from Atlanta.
Oh and the RV guy - really - it's a separate guy who is in charge of keeping the RV running and cool and making sure the steamer doesn't blow a fuse!
They come every year and Garrett loves working with them!


valerie said...

Cool! Too bad they don't have someone to take care of the mom of the model, like make sure she has something to drink and eat (like some yummy cupcakes) and a nice place to sit. Where will the pictures end up?

The Crazy Coxes said...

Valerie -
The pics are for Augusta Sportswear. They use them for their catalof which will come out in January to retailers and coaches. The general public will never see it. He was in this year's catalog as well - Look at soccer and lacrosse.