Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RTT- The DMV, Aliens & Spaghetti for 250


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Okay so let's talk random.

*Just got back from getting a hot buttered biscuit from Chick-Fil-A and a large coke from McDonalds with Brian and we were listening to the morning news.  I guess we're too late to order this costume:

It's been removed from shelves in WalMart and Target for being offensive. It's an ILLEGAL ALIEN!  Get it?  Ha Ha.  I guess it's not "Politically Correct."
Who is complaining?  ET?  Have people lost their sense of humor?  I am so sick of the whole Politically Correct movement.  I think we should show people, all people, respect.  I think the whole movement has gone too far.  Some people LOOK to get offended.  Okay - enough of that.

* Speaking of offensive people.  I took Tiny Baby to the DMW to get his driver's permit yesterday.  WHAT A TRIP.  There's enough to fill a whole blog post or several....so you'll have to come back for that one.  But I'll throw out a couple of carrots - 60 year old with a Broncos jersey AND a diamond tiara and there could be a new man in my life.  Mmmmhmmmm.  If that doesn't get you to come back.  Nothing will.

* Okay so Tiny Baby goes to take the written permit test.  He gives it back to the lady to check.  She is looking over it and Parker is thinking, "Is she just going to read it or is she going to grade it?"  She hands it back to him and says, "You got 100%!"  Unlike Richard (some poor fool) who took the test twice yesterday and failed both times.  When Parker got to the next station, the lady said it is pretty rare to get 100%.  It's kind of a common sense quiz!  How hard can it be?  Never mind.  THAT was a stupid question.

* Speaking of STUPID - Who really thought the whole Balloon Boy was real???  My cynical self called it right away.  Yep, a girlfriend called immediately when she saw it on the news and we both agreed something was up. This is why people think I am mean because I "call" stuff like this.  I'm cruel, heartless and right.

* We're getting ready for a road trip.  Yep, next week is Fall Break.  We're taking the family on a little Church History tour.  Somehow, it's turned into a Chicken Wing tour.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  The boys have mapped out every Wing Stop and Buffalo Wild Wing restaurant from here to eternity.  When we were in Italy, our goal was to have gellato every day.  This trip: chicken wings every day.

* We went to the opening of Five Guys Burgers and Fries last night for dinner.  My niece is working there and we HAD to support her. ;)  It's pretty amazing how you can go to a fast food place and spend $33 for 4.  Wow!  But it was pretty good.  And she was cute.  And isn't that all that matters?  That and the fact that I didn't have to dream up something for dinner!

* Guess what time of year it is?  Feed the masses time!  It's Parent/Teacher Conferences at the high school tomorow and Thursday.  To show our love and appreciation, we feed the teachersand staff (275ish of them) immediately after school since the conferences start right away and they don't have time to leave campus.  I'm boiling 25 pounds of spaghetti right now and thawing 100's of little meatballs in my refrigerator.  Guess what we are having?????  It's pretty exhausting but fun.........in that order.

Did I satiate your desire for randomness???  Cause I'm pretty random every day!


The World As I See It said...

I agree with the whole balloon boy thing

valerie said...

Way to go Parker on getting 100%! Awesome. Yes, very good randomness. :)

Buggys said...

That's so funny. My parents carry a map in their glove box that pinpoints all of the Bob Evans restaurants from here to the moon! Priorities I guess! Thanks for visiting.

Keely said...

I called the Balloon Boy thing the minute I heard the family was on Wife Swap. I guess I'm cynical too. And right ;)

kys said...

I always thought the balloon thing was a hoax. That whole family is nuts. And since when did WalMart get standards?

Big Mama Cass said...

I'm sorry but that illegal alien is SOOOO offensive!!!

Omg, seriously? If I had been taking a sip of water, I would be mopping up my monitor right now! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

I am with ya.. I can't stand to be politically correct all the time. This world gets weirder every day. We SHOULD be able to laugh with the strangeness, not get our hands slapped for every little thing that is spoken!

Happy Tuesday! :)

TheSingleGirl said...

CHIK-FIL-A is my FAVORITE!! We don't have it here, but I obsess over it every once in a while... NOM!

LOL @ the 'highly offensive' illegal alien. Oy.

"Common sense is not so common."

I called FAKE on balloon boy, too. I panic when my child crawls into another room. Carried off by a BALLOON?! I'd be HYSTERICAL, nevermind having the wits about me to call the FAA or the local news with the helicopter. I'd be calling 911 and screaming "HELP ME" like a psychopath and running in circles.

Have fun on your road trip. Oh, and...2 people, Wendy's, $18!!! HOW?!!?

Big Mama Cass said...

although I saw this costume and it is equally hilarious... http://www.tomspinadesigns.com/Illegal%20Alien%20Hooded%20Horrors%20Halloween%20Costume.html

The Crazy Coxes said...

Big Mama Cass -
Great costume!!!