Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week has been exhausting! Do you know how hard I have had to think?

It’s not so much that I have had to DO anything,

But I’ve had to coordinate and communicate and use my brain until it almost exploded yesterday.

So I’ve mentioned ninety eleven times that it’s Homecoming Week here.

Both of the boys are in Leadership.

That’s like student council.

Leadership is in charge of pulling this whole week off.

And seriously, they get graded for everything.
Their actual costumes aren’t graded but they DO get a grade for dressing up.

And they do have to go to all the activities while finishing their super-duper spectacular parade floats.

Yesterday was Pajama Day.

No stress on those costumes!
Except I have boys and they don’t wear pajamas.
They wear boxers.

The only time they wear pajama pants is on Christmas Eve and Pajama Day at school.

So find the Pajama pants – check!
Wait, Garrett couldn’t wear pajama pants because he was missing school all day to ride the Spirit Bus.
Yeah – doesn’t that sound like a good use of time?
He just needed his Flag Boy uniform – dirty – but check!

The kids on the Spirit Bus have a blast. Well, who wouldn’t?
You miss an entire day of school and they feed you Chick-Fil-A.

The band, the school mascot, cheerleaders, poms, representatives from all of the Fall sports like football, volleyball, etc and of course, the FLAG BOYS hop on school buses and RUN through some of the elementary schools and middle school pumping the kids up – like they need pumping up.

It’s really cute though.

The kids come out of their classrooms and line the halls.

The Flag Boys sprint around the halls once and then all of the other high school kids join in.

The band plays.        

The cheerleaders cheer.     
The football players look cool.

Everyone in the parade high 5’s all the little kids and everyone comes down with Swine Flu three days later.

It’s precious – really!

There are 4 busloads of people in this parade.
They went to eight schools.

They come exhausted, germy and with all the make-up work from the day.

Inevitably, the adults who are in charge forget to excuse everyone and the parents all get phone calls of the kindly recorded voice telling us that our kids ditched school.

It’s such a special time of year!

PS - Stick around!  Today is safari day.  Garrett is missing school all day to build the bonfire.  Parker is setting up the BBQ and the high today will be 39 degrees...........all of this after staying up until 2 am "finishing" the floats.  Because it is supposed to start snowing any minute, the parade has been rescheduled to tomorrow afternoon.  Isn't that awesome?  We have one more night that we can stay up until 2 am  really finishing the floats!


Guymons said...

cool, sounds fun for all. did you go too, to get all the great photos???

valerie said...

Our homecoming was last week. Trent's only in middle school but everyday they had a dress up day too. It was fun, but I had to get my creative juices flowing coming up with stuff. Don't forget to take pics of the float they have been working on. I bet they came up with something great!

Missty said...

Sounds like so much fun. We live in California - you know a state that sues for everything, or gets sued. So bonfires - no way, someone might touch the flames and get burned. Riding in busses - umm, we have none because we are bankrupt and there is no money for such things. dressing up, well, we worry somehow someone will offend another person - so that would not be good.

But yeah, we can dream from other schools, in other states that have a ton of fun and somehow not get sued.
Seriously I can't make this stuff up - these are things we have been told as we have tried for our kids.

Have a great homecoming!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Diane - Yeah, we live right behind the elementary school so Garrett texted me when they were almost there.

Valerie- I WILL be taking lots of pictures. Charging the batteries reight now!

Missty - Thanks! I know what you mean about the whole law suit thing! Actually, our school and one other school are the only schools in the state who are allowed to do the bnonfire thing. It's a REALLY big deal. There are lots of permits and rules and the fire marshal actually shows up to make sure that it is being built correctly and measures it. Then he comes back to supervise the whole thing. But it IS way cool!

kyslp said...

I'm Debbie Downer because I find Homecoming week activities draining. They always have all these crazy themes and I don't have the energy to come up the appropriate attire.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

It sounds like fun actually. Am I crazy for saying that?

Raven said...

I'm so glad my kids have no school spirit. I don't have to think at all when these events come around. lol