Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Pull up a chair and read my nonsensical babble.
Then go visit Keely at The Unmom, grab her button and just let the words flow!

* Phew!  We survived Homecoming Week!
It was CRAZY!

* I don't like stalkers.
My son has a stalker. She comes and goes.
Things will die down for awhile and then ramp up again.

She's not really dangerous - more mentally unbalanced.
But I wish I had saved all of her text messages and pictures of things she has painted on his car and I would turn them all in to the police and it would be enough to get a restraining order.

* Remember the squirrel on my roof?
I like him..
I don't like the woodpeckers who come to peck at the stucco of my bedroom wall though.

They aren't even the pretty ones with bright red feathers.
They are ugly woodpeckers.
I hate them.

* I know a lot of people who do not like to attend church on Mothers' Day.
You know what day I don't like?
Primary Program Sunday.
The Primary Presidency does a great job.
The music people are wonderful.
The kids are cute...........kind of.
I don't hate it, I just don't love it.

* The sun has been out and it's tricking me.
It looks warm.
But when I go outside, it's 32.
Not warm.

* For the last few days,
Phnom Penh Cambodia's temperature is more than double ours.
Right now, it's 36 here and 82 in Cambodia.
It's also 8 am here and 9 pm there.

*I don't "get" Canadian Thanksgiving.
What are they thankful for?
Canadian bacon?
Health Care?
I'm going to go look it up on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia knows everything.

* I HAVE to make my bed.
I cannot leave the house with the bed unmade.......except for Sunday.
I don't make the bed on Sunday


valerie said...

Creepy on the stalker. When the some comes out here the kids think it must be warm so no need of a coat or long sleeves. Step outside and it's 20 degrees. Yeah. Get a coat!

TheSingleGirl said...

Great pictures!

Booo to stalkers. She'll either give up (YAY!) or start again. If she starts again, just hand the evidence of the crazy RIGHT over.

The bright, sunny, cold day has confused me all of my life. My mind just can't wrap itself around it not 'looking cold' outside when it IS cold.

I never EVER make my bed. My living room, the kitchen, baby's room, THEY all look like they're inhabited by a slightly neurotic clean freak. My bedroom is just KABOOM, though. I'm ashamed. : /

The World As I See It said...

I love reading other peoples random thoughts. It makes me feel good that I am not the only one who thinks totally random all the time!

Swoozie said...

Stalkers are creepy. Young girl stalkers after one of your boys is really creepy!
I've got lots of Canandian relatives-----I better hit them up & find out just WHY they have Thanksgiving as well. ????? Maybe it's just a grat excuse to get together and eat?!

I'm a bed-maker as well; I have to, have to, have to make the bed.

Guymons said...

You're funny!

I don't like woodpeckers, very annoying and their damage to houses and things can be costly, so they are pretty worthless!

Sorry about the stalker.

And I do like Primary Programs, especially the music. In the past, when my big kids were little, it was different, more than just kids reading their little slips of paper, but I still enjoy the entertainment of the kids who say funny things or sing off key or make mistakes....comic relief. Ours is coming up this Sunday. My kids usually have soccer games during the Saturday practice, and that always makes the presidency mad at us. Oh well.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Would you believe it was a high of 94 in SW Florida today? I think that's a bit closer than Cambodia and you can still call at a decent hour. :-)

Raven said...

Stalkers are scary. Hopefully she'll give up and go away.

Having a woodpecker at my bedroom wall would drive me crazy! Hopefully that will give up and go away too!

What I hated about my Church on Mother's Day was that it was an ordinary sermon but Father's Day was a sermon dedicated to the men and being a father. That used to irritate me to no end.

I think Canadian Thanksgiving is just like ours but without the slaughter of the Native Americans.

If I could only leave the house if my bed was made, I would rarely leave. Of course, I rarely leave my house anyway so I guess it doesn't make a difference.

Great random!

Have a fantastic day,


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Tiny Baby loved the picture with the girls didn't he?

Creepy stalker girl should know better than to mess with Mama Bear's Boy. There's a reason moms have the label Mama Bear ya know??

Happy RTT!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I hate those woodpeckers!!! Especially when they hammer outside my bedroom at 5am. It sounds like a machine gun going off. Nothing like an extreme adrenalin rush to wake you up for the day.

Kim said...

ok.. im not getting the boots with the dresses?? isnt that like wearing a velour suit out in public?....that will have to be added to your tacky list !! LOVE the long hair Garrett! Parker is just down right handsome! yeah something has got to be done about stalker....the girls have a few creepers.

McMom said...

I'm married to a Canadian, so I have a little insight on that. They are thankful for free healthcare, donuts, Wayne Gretzky, and also thankful not to be Americans. I'm not sayin' I agree with them (except for the donuts) but that's what they're thankful for.