Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You knew that.
That's why you are here!

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* This just in - In order to look more classy, WalMart has decided to remove all the DVD displays from the middle of the aisles.  Really?  Do you think it will work?  If they really want to go upscale, I can think of something else that should be removed from the aisles!  I'm gonna say it..............the customers!

Let me just say..........DVD's in the aisle are the least of the problems!

* I love to shred stuff.  Don't you?  After I go through the mail, I just like to go in the office with a little stack of credit card offers and shred away.  But you know how sometimes you are looking at email and you accidentally press "delete?"  You can always go to "recently deleted" and get it back.  But when you shred something, you can't really get it back.  It's gone.

* Did you see me out driving around last night?  I feel like I circled the globe.  Between 4:30 and 7 I -
dropped Parker off at the Sophomore float
drove to the cleaners
drove to pick up dinner
fill up with gas
drove to the Senior float and dropped dinner off to Garrett
drove back by the other float and took dinner to Parker
drove home
drove back to pick up Parker
drove to the high school to drop Parker off
Came back home and told Parker to find a ride home from the school.

* It's Homecoming week.
Everyday is filled with craziness.
Each day has a theme.
The kids dress up.
There are lunch time activities.
There are also activities every night.
The overall Homecoming theme is "African Adventure."
Last night, they showed The Lion King.
It was supposed to be outside, but it was 45 and rainy,
So it was inside.

* My little brother and his family are in London for 6 months to a year.  My bro works for EBay and he's doing something with their international operations - like maybe setting them up or I don't know.
Anyway, she emailed me yesterday and wanted to know if I had any dehydrated refried beans.
We get them in large bags or #10 cans from the church cannery.
I've been wanting to call and since it said the email had been sent 6 minutes ago, I figured, they were still awake.
They are GENIUSES!
They bought one of those Jupiter Jack thingies.
So calling them is a local call.
Okay well, it is long distance to area code 209 but that is different than an international call.
Isn't that cool?
We can talk whenever we want (if we remember the 7 hour time difference).

* Back to the dehydrated refried beans.  I do have some.  My dad is going to London to visit them on Friday.  He will take the beans.  There are no refried beans in London - only whole dry pinto beans.
They don't have maple syrup or regular cheerios either.
The box says they are cheerios but they are sweeter.
What's wrong with that?
Who doesn't want sweeter cheerios?

* Today is "Wild, Wild West" day!
Parker went as a semi normal an indian.
Everything was totally cool with the feathered headress and the cool choker but then he wanted to create a loin cloth and go shirtless.  Ummm..........no.
Garrett couldn't just go as a cowboy or an indian or even a saloon girl.  He went as a cactus and a tumbleweed.  Don't ask.

Enough already!  I'm done!
Happy Random Thought Tuesday!


Antoinette said...

LOL...your comments on walmart, couldn't have said it better myself. Always good people (or freakshow) watching there.

Your sons sound like they're having a blast during spirit week.

Love your background. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

TheSingleGirl said...

I'm still stuck on the Walmart thing.

Really, really stuck. Looking and thinking and reading and agreeing and laughing hysterically...

I wonder if it's my fault? I couldn't reach something in the 2 for $11 bin so I kind of climbed into it. No pics have surfaced yet.
That I know of, anyway.


valerie said...

Where are the picures of the cactus and tumbleweed? Your boys sure are creative! I love how they think outside the box. lol Speaking of pictures, love the walmart ones. Some people are down right scary!

Guymons said...

when does Parker get his license, so you wont have to do so many drop offs and pick ups? You have enough cars registered, so he'll have one, right?
And, like Valerie, where are the pictures of the Homecoming costumes, haha?!?!?!

kyslp said...

Wal-Mart wants to be Klassy? Maybe they will offer valet services for the Clampett-mobiles.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I would totally take pics but they left at 5:30 this morning - before I could get out of bed. They will get home at 5:30 this afternoon and all costumes will be in disarray.

Not to mention that the cactus/tumbleweed costume was made out of poster board last night at 10 pm. It's not at all galmorous. He drew a cactus on green poster board and cut it out, drew a tumbleweed on orange posterboard and cut it out, then is wearing it like a sandwhich board with ribon through it.

Swoozie said...

Omigod! Was that YOU I saw driving around last night for hours on end?Ha ha!
Are you telling me to expect all that driving in my near future?? Gah! I don't think I can do it........

Classy Walmart====Not going to happen. Ever.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I couldn't agree more on WalMart! I really need to get a newer camera so I can take some stealth photos in there... ;)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wheetabix Looters - trust me they are NOT Cheerios. Sticky hands like you would not believe from the sugar.

It's odd but you can't get tons of things in Europe. Ahorn syrup (Sp? it's German so I don't know) if they can get it's close to maple syrup.

smarkuci said...
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smarkuci said...

Ahorn syrup? Hmmm...I'll try to find it. My friend found a local store-brand syrup, but it wasn't the same. There's also Canadian syrup (they are kings of the maple leaf, right? It should be decent) but we haven't tried it yet because we just got a fresh stock in from Mom's arrival.

And no, Kellen and I don't like sweet Cheerios. Is that so wrong?! We like lots of other sweet things, though, like Auntie Gina!!! ---SM