Monday, October 19, 2009


My kids are weird.
They never want to have birthday parties.
They have an aversion to calling attention to themselves,
a trait they picked up from my side of the family. ;)

All Parker wanted for his birthday was an IPhone.
Being the youngest, he has never had a new cell phone.
We have a drawer of half working phones.
We told him to take his pick and when one conks out, we send him back to the drawer.

We have spent weeks explaining to Parker that times are tight and an IPhone was out of the question.
We've been commenting that it looks like he needs new socks and have asked if he needed new boxers.
That's how nice we are.
He didn't really fall for it.

Even though his birthday was yesterday,
we started partying on Saturday.
He received his IPhone on Saturday so he could go to the Apple store and pick out a case.

Then we were all going to the "best fried chicken" restaurant in the state and to a church dance.

But Garrett was laid out on the couch with a torn up knee from lacrosse.
And I was on the chair with no voice and a fever.
Parker and Brian brought home take out from Maggianos.  
It was delicious.

Sunday, we made Parker's favorites, ribs and artichokes, for dinner, opened the remaing presents and had dessert.
He wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
He obviously told the cake decorator EXACTLY what to write.

After buying the cake,
he hid it in the downstairs freezer.

He was afraid Garrett would see it and lick the "not" off.
Would Garrett do that??????

Tiny Baby had a great birthday!


Shirley said...

Love the cake!

valerie said...

lol love the cake! Sounds like he had a great weekend!

kys said...

Will you adopt me? My birthday is in December and I would really like an iPhone.

Melissa said...

Wait, you guys eat artichokes? Like, real not from a jar artichokes? I knew there was a reason we were friends. Do you pair it with hollandaise sauce? Because if not, you really must. I will send you the recipe.

Jeanette said...

That cake cracked me up! Your boys seem like a lot of fun!

Guymons said...

glad he got the iPhone, not just a hand me I bought Andrew a sweatshirt and then I thought about it and I think that seriously that is the first sweatshirt he has EVER had that was not a hand me down from Bradley or from William to Bradley to him...he has never got to feel the softness of a new sweatshirt. haha.
I hope you feel better.

I'm glad your posted the pictures and celebration details. Your family sounds fun. You are a great mom!!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Melissa - we usually serve them with melted butter or best foods mayonnaise. We grilled them with olive oil, butter and garlic last night.

Diane - We can so relate on the hand me downs. Garrett who graduates 2010 frequently wears his brother's Senior sweatshirt - "Respect the Alpha Wolf 2007"

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

HA! That cake thing is the funniest. My husband already liked him because he cooks and wants a kitchen torch, the cake thing may have sealed the deal completely.

Sounds like it was a great weekend.