Thursday, October 22, 2009


Is it Random Thought Tuesday?  I swear it is!  Or Friday.  Yeah it's Friday!  The week is over.
Don't ruin it for me by telling me I am wrong!

For some reason it feel like I got run over by a semi.
Could it be that Margaret and I met at the school at 10 am yesterday and cooked spaghetti for 275 until last night at 7:30, when I went to pick up my dad from the airport?

I smelled like an Italian restaurant and he had to ride in the back with all the coolers and crock pots rolling around.

Or maybe I'm trashed because I met with 12 out of my kids 13 teachers for Parent/Teacher conferences.
I didn't meet with teacher 13 because  he is offering extra credit to any student who accompanies their parent to the conference.  Parker has a 96% and wants the extra credit. Freak!
We'll hit that teacher up today.

When I got home last night around 9,
I just left all the coolers and bowls and crock pots in the car.
THAT was fun to unload and clean out this morning!

And then my next door neighbor called.
She needed help with a little poem.
What rhymes with "ornament?"
She is throwing her daughter and future son in law a little holiday engagement party.
Her daughter is marrying Armie Hammer III - go Wikipedia him.

Yeah - the one who is related to Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum.
Yeah - the one who was on Gossip Girl and Reaper last season.
Yeah - the one who is playing twins in a new movie about the "invention" of Facebook.  He's in Boston filming it right now.
Anyway, I couldn't for the life  me help write the poem. 
And that's one of my talents........along with being bossy.
That's how tired I was.

Back to Parent/Teacher Conferences -
#1 Comment - "I just LOOOOVVVEEE..........and they would say whichever kid they have in their class - Parker or Garrett.
#2 Comment - "I've had all of your kids now.  They are all SOOOO different.  I love all of them, but I can't believe how different they are."
#3 Comment - "Well, you know he's doing great.  There isn't a lot to say....." following by gushingly describing whichever boy.............
So yeah, if you are not their mom, it was gaggy.  But I'm their mom, so I had fun.  I even took notes so I could repeat the comments to them when I got home.  Garrett still thinks I made it all up.  I showed him the notes.  He's unimpressed.

Today will be an easier day.
We are serving 11 - 5' sub sandwhiches, chips, homemade cookies, carrots and dip and pop.

Seriously..........we can't make it much easier.
And we don't have to start getting everything ready until 1 pm.
Oh........and I have a hot date tonight at 8:30 when it's all over.
Yep - even though I'm dead, it's going to be a great day!


The World As I See It said...

The things moms do for their kids!

valerie said...

lol Sounds like you've been busy again.

kys said...

"That's one of my talents along with being bossy."- bwahahaha!!!

Yeah! I have a talent.

martyeaster said...

Which neighbors kid is marrying that guy? When I tell Jill she is going to freak. Good luck today. And your kids are great.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

If I ever start to think I'm having a busy day I just swing by here and find out - I'm not that busy!

What are you going to do when they all go away to college?

Oh yeah, RELAX! :)

Raven said...

Wow! I would never have made it through the cooking of the spaghetti! You go girl!

Congrats on your kids' awesome conferences.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kim said...

the schools my kids have gone to recently.. you dont attend conferences unless youve been invited... I miss hear all those NICE comments about my kids!!!!