Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Vayama !%*$@

Dear Vayama,
You stink, but I'm thinking of a worse word than stink.

When I use your system, you ALWAYS have the cheapest prices for the exact flights I want.
But then when I click "Select," the flights are not available.
But that's okay.
There are LOTS of flights.

When I click on EVERY SINGLE flight, none of them are available.
IF, I clicked on the higher priced flights and they WERE available,
that would be called BAIT and SWITCH.  It's illegal.
Don't tell me that, "Shoot! We just had that flight.  But, oops, someone booked it just seconds before you."
I'm going to Cambodia.
Not THAT MANY people want to go to Cambodia this morning.

But it's cool.
I'm not accusing you of Bait and Switch advertising.
Because when I click on ANY of your flights, NONE of them are available.
So you don't really have anything to sell me, do you?

I'm calling you.
I'm typing this while I am on hold.
If I were you, I wouldn't answer your phone.

PS: You are stupid because when I first called, you told me I was sixth in line. I am currently FIRST in line and I've been first in line now for 8 minutes.  You might want to rethink that whole telling where I am in line.


CaJoh said...

I sure hope that you finally got through. I remember booking a flight to Atlanta through a travel agency several years back and finding that they charged me twice. No wonder I didn't have very much money on my trip.

martyeaster said...

Oh you didnt hear about the rush of millions of people wanting to fly to Cambodia this morning??? It was big news! Good luck

Melissa said...

I just read an article about this VERY THING in the Wall Street Journal!

Captain Dumbass said...

Can you even fly to Cambodia anymore? I'd figure you'd have to got to Thailand and catch a puddle jumper over. Hope you made somebody's ears bleed.

Everyday Goddess said...

That's right ~ you tell 'em!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Are you really going or are you messing with us? If you are going...

OMGoodness! Gina in Cambodia!! That'd be so cool. I know you'd be going cause you wnat to see your son or something but do tourist stuff for us. Lots of pics alright?

I'll have to surf my friends site for ideas for you. He always goes to Laos and wherever for mondo cheap.

Bangalore Internet Marketing Association said...

Dear Crazy Coxes

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I have sent your blog post to our Vayama Customer Relations Manager who will get in touch with you soon.

You can also email him directly at or DM or tweet in our Vayama Twitter ID at:


Stephdeezy said...

Suresh is a pal it seems. Hope you've managed something good to come of all this!

H.K. said...

You should forward your post to the airline. Sometimes just plain blunt honest can get results, hope you're able to get through at least soon!

VayamaVoice said...

Dear Crazy Coxes - I too wish to apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you experienced while trying to book flights to Cambodia on the vayama website. What you have communicated doesn't sound right to ME either. If you haven't already done this, try clearing your temp internet files and cookies using your browser tools then try the search and booking process again. If that still fails, please send me an email to (to the attention of David R) and include a contact number where you can be reached. I'll get back to you promptly and we'll get this problem sorted out.
Again, I'm sorry for the problems you experienced. Not typical of our website to NOT provide fares and flight options.
vayama Customer Relations Manager

kanishk said...

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