Monday, March 1, 2010

What do you KNOW?

Mondays are always a little overwhelming.
I always wake up with the entire week's To-Do list swirling around in my head and in a sense of panic.
It takes me a little while to realize that not ALL of these things have to be done today.

Parker is home sick.
Garrett needs a doctor's appointment for an injury.
The washing machine repair man comes tomorrow, so the Mt. Everest of laundry awaits.
But I'm thinkin about something I heard yesterday.

Yesterday was Fast & Testimony Meeting at church.
FAST - We go without food or water for two meals and donate the money that we would have spent on food to the needy.
TESTIMONY - There are no assigned speakers at church, but members of the congregation are able to bear their testimonies.
Sometimes people get confused and think that it's a good time to give a travelogue (a travelmony) or to thank people (thankimony) but it is supposed to be a short talk about what you, personally, KNOW about Jesus Christ.

Here is a powerful testimony from a youn man in yesterday's meeting.

"Hi, I'm visiting today from Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.
I was thinking about what I know.
I know a lot of things.
I know how to place an IV.
I know how to treat a gun shot wound.
I can play any kind of saxophone known to man.
I can fire an M15 rifle with deadly accuracy.
I can drive a Bradley tank or a Humvee.
But the most important things I know, I have learned in this church.
I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and that His son, Jesus Christ lived for us and He died for us.
I know that we can know the truth because we have the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.
I know that families can be together forever and that if we are married in the temple, we can live together with our Heavenly Father.
These are the things that I know that are most important and that matter the most."

It was sincere and simple and true.
It made me think about what I KNOW.


McMom said...

Beautifully said! Thanks for sharing. At our meeting, my husband sat up on the stand (he's in the bishopric) looking very stressed out while the young men flashed him pretend USA vs. Canada hockey game scores. So, not nearly as uplifting as your service.

Big Mama Cass said...

I wish I could use the broken washer or dryer excuse for why the laundry is taking over my house! LOL *gulp*

Melissa said...

That was an amazing testimony. I think everybody was touched.

valerie said...


Laufa said...

If more churches had the Testimony Sundays I think it could reach so many more people - especially visitors, to show them the little things that bless peoples lives.