Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should I Count the Person I'm Using My Funeral Coupon On?

Brace yourself.
It's Tuesday.
I'm RaNDoM!
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* Remember yesterday when I was praising Colorado's fine SUNSHINY weather?  It's true!  We have more than 300 sunny days a year.  Even when it snows, the sun comes out.  We're like the 2nd sunshiniest state in the US.  We beat out Florida.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday........65 and sunshiney.  We have lacrosse games today at 5 and 7 pm.  GUESS when the snow is supposed to come?  I'm going to go put my long underwear on.

* Conversation at Costco - I'm NOT lying -
Garrett & Parker tag teaming Brian - "Dad, Dad, can we get Final Fantasy 13?"
Brian - looking at the box..."Is this a wholesome video game?"
Parker - "Oh yeah, it teaches you to appreciate life and create worlds and kill off people and dominate everyone and.....
Brian - "Hmmmm....."
Garrett - "Dad, I think it would be just what we need to overcome our Call of Duty addiction."


* Yesterday, I received a special coupon in the mail:
5% off Funeral and Cremation Services

Who to use it on? Who to use it on?

* Speaking of mail -
I'm confused by my own email inbox.
Here's a sampling of my spam lately -

-"EXTENZ..........for men only"         
Hmmmm........I don't think I'll open this one
-"Leave your loved one $1,000,000 just in case"     "Just in case" what?  That's a lot of "just in case."  And I sure wish someone would leave me $1,000,000 just in case.
- "Meet singles with similar values"  Similar values to what?  each other?  Or similar to the other ones in my inbox? like "Plenty of BBW singles available."  "Meet local singles TONIGHT!"

Finally - they MUST have my birthday wrong!  I keep getting these-
"Get the Power Chair Advantage with Hoveround"
and "AARP Membership Opens Up a Whole New World"
That's a whole new world I want no part of - even with a Hoveround!

* I've been on a mad cookie binge lately - like the last 2 months.
I've made cookies every Sunday or Monday.
Yesterday, I made these      
Martha's Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.  I knew Garrett would like the fact that they are rolled in cinnamon and CHILI POWDER.

* I filled out my census form.  Did you?
I got stuck.
All you have to do is write down each person who is living in your house on April 1, 2010, their age and their race.  How hard can it be?  Brian - check, Me - check, Parker - Check. Garrett........not so straight forward.  You can't mark two boxes under race.  Do I pick White, Black or Asian?  And if you mark Asian, you have to pick what kind of Asian.  There was no box for Blasian.

* This week's song that I can't stop singing is - "Nothin' On You" by B.O.B ft. Bruno

Enough already!  There's a storm rolling in!


CaJoh said...

Your odd junk email reminds me of an actual junk mail I got that was addressed to Ms. Christopher. I know that Chris can be either male or female, but I think that Christopher is the male version of the name. I'd understand if it was Mrs. because that would mean that it would go to the wife (I wasn't married at the time), but Ms. that's just wrong.

Mama Badger said...

Ok, did your census have two questions about race, though? Why did they want to know about hispanics separately? Am I the only one to find that odd?

They really should have a "multi-race" box. That would make sense, but then you'd have to ask yet another question about what races.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I made chocolate chip cookies last night with the kids. You are right, cookies for breakfast are the best :)

I'm with Mama Badger, I didn't get the two hispanic question either. And I loved listing The Chick - by her Chinese name since legally she's still Sih-Syuan! (You should have seen how confused the people were when I registered her for preschool!)

I am Harriet said...

I noticed that there was snow on the ground one day and shining sun the next in CO.

Have a great Tuesday!

Jennifer said...

Ha Im still stuck and clueless what to put on my census. See I am White my husband is Mexican and my kids are half but I consider them Hispanic and did you notice #9 u check if they are hispanic but on ten it says hispanic is not a race....ok so I could mark white for my kids but ummm hubby lets see here....what you think they would do if i checked every single box. Have you heard a song by Ray Stevens bout Credit cards! Wish I could think of the name now! haha!

Jennifer said...

ooo that song im pretty sure is called computers do not lie! yup gonna check every box posible!

Terra H. said...

Those cookies look delish! Can't say I've ever ate cookies with chili powder in them. I'm glad the sun is finally shining here. Makes for a mommy with a better mood. Happy RTT.

Just call me Yankee said...

Happy RTT!

I also get junk mail from AARP. Except this started about 7-8 years ago when I was still in my mid 20's. I think they are too old and majorly confused.

Everyday Goddess said...

I'm lovin' cookies too.

Does that comment make me look fat?

Nicely Randomed!

VandyJ said...

We have had snow all day, not accumulating much but falling just the same. I like the email offers of millions if you will help someone get it out of, say, Nigeria. Yeah, I'm all over that.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ha, that's funny. 5% off cremation service.... I'm guessing they make you pay ahead of time?

Amanda G said...

I love the junk mail points. It amazes me what I get in my inbox sometimes. I love the spam comments too, they slay me!
Those cookies - they look fantastic!

amanda @myramblings.ca

Design it Chic said...

that funeral coupon made me laugh so bad! lol .. also overcoming Call Of Duty with Final Fantasy addiction?!? problem solved:):)
Happy Random and here's mine!

valerie said...

We have had some nice sunny weather hear lately too but I was just saying, now that baseball season is starting, it will probably start snowing.

Mrsbear said...

Sorry, I'm a little late on the random!

We actually got stuck on the census too. We're both born here but of Hispanic origin, but while I'm straight up Cuban, he's a Cuban/Argentinean blend. Also, what does that make our kids who are second generation Americans...do we still fill out the Hispanic origin? Cuban? Argentinean? My husband thought we should mark Pacific Islander just for kicks...We actually called for help, but they assured us they could NOT in any way shape or form tell us HOW to answer that question. It was up to us...and why do they pay you to answer the phones again?

I need those cookies. Right. Now.