Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm a Survivor

Hallelujah!  I survived the week! Who would have thought that it would be such an accomplishment?
So, let me empty my mind before I continue on to the weekend.
You can unload too!
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* I've been substituting for early morning seminary this week.
It's bible study for high schoolers at 6 am.
So I have had to get up at 5 am and put on a dress and then go and entertain 20 sophomores for 50 minutes before normal people even get ot of bed.
It's wrong.
Yeah - I taught every day for 5 years.
I loved it, but I was pretty sure that I was going to die of exhaustion every single day.
Now, I'm positive that I'm going to die.

* Line of the week:
Someone and I went to the urologist to determine why someone is in so much pain.
We then met Brian and other brother for dinner.
It was at one of those places where you order and pay and go sit down and wait for them to call your number.
Our number was called.
The boys started "discussing" who should have to go pick up the order.
I immediately stepped in and said, "Get up 'someone'.  Go get the food.  'Brother' just came from lacrosse practice."
Someone reluctantly limped up to get the food.
When he came back, he set the trays down and said -
"I can't believe you sent the cripple with the Bojangles."
Where does he get this stuff?

* I'm an auto mechanic.
Evidentally, when I pulled out of the garage the other day, I left 1/2 quart of oil on the garage floor.
So I've been paying attention when I pull out of a parking space.
I'm looking for a little puddle.
There's been nothing the last two days.
This morning, when I left the church, I noticed some liquid under the car.
Being an expert at this stuff, I got out and looked at it.
Then I dipped my finger in it and smelled it.
Then I rubbed my fingers together.
I thought about tasting it.
Yep - oil.
I went to the mechanic.
It's coolant.
Let me get technical -
The thng that holds the measurer for the transmission fluid was installed incorrectly and has rubbed a hole in the tube or pipe or whatever that helps the coolant travel around.  That's what's leaking.
Going to the dealership today.

* Parker had his first lacrosse game this week.
He scored 3 goals and had 3 assists.
Yea Parker!

* Someone knows and loves me.  I've only mentioned cupcakes in every post since I started blogging.  I've also mentioned how COLD I always am.
What could be better than this:
Are you jealous?  Mmmmm Cupcake Hand Warmers.
We have two lacrosse games tomorrow.  I'm going to try these babies out!
It's the best of both worlds.........kind of.
Unfortunately, I can't eat them after the games.

Well - I'm done.
I'm going to go do something exciting - like load the dishwasher or start the laundry.
Have great weekend!

* Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  I hate "springing ahead."  I NEED that hour of sleep more than I need more daylight. 


Guymons said...

Good Luck at the LaCrosse games and good luck keeping warm and finding some real cupcakes.

Is the subbing Seminary over? Did you enjoy it as much as you used to? William's teacher (one of them) this year is a 80 year old retired doctor. He has LOTS of stories, the kids try all morning to get him to tell stories instead of teach the lessons.

I always send the kids to go get the food..they complain..never got a response quite like yours...LOL

Mama Badger said...

Sorry to hear that "someone" isn't feeling well. Hope it's not serious. At least he's kept his sense of humor, right?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You wear those things in public??? Love it!!

HOpe the bojangles are feeling bo-better!

Hallie :)

valerie said...

Life just doesn't get much better than cupcake hand warmers. Well,I guess if you had cupcakes to go with them. :)

Shirley said...

I subbed in seminary this week too. I can't believe I did this for three years. I am absolutely exhausted! And I somehow managed to lose my glasses this morning. How am I supposed to watch Alice in Wonderland tonight without my glasses?

kanishk said...

He has LOTS of stories, the kids try all morning to get him to tell stories instead of teach the lessons.
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