Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things That Will Make You Gag!

If you've been falling short on your dieting goals,
this is the place to quell your appetite.
If you've been coveting my super glamorous and exciting life (and who hasn't?),
this is your day to giggle at my expense!
When you get through with this post,
you won't be hungry or jealous!

* Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon browning 30 pounds of ground beef.
Who doesn't love handling raw meat?
I LOVE greeting the hubs smelling like a giant taco.
Mmmm...mmm........the grease, the smell, slopping it in ziploc bags.
I skipped lunch.

* Although the Taco Meat smell was delcious,
the kitchen took on a new dimension with the corned beef and cabbage stewing away in the crock pot.
Mmmm...mmmmmm.....taco meat AND cabbage.
I should bottle that aroma.
As if greeting the hubs while smelling like a giant taco wasn't enough, I added eau d' cabbage so that I could layer the scents.

* If you are ever on a deserted island with aboslutely nothing to eat but this -
just give in and die.
Garrett likes junk like this.
Being the nice mom that I am, I bought him some.
I tasted one teensy, tiny crumb-
Oh My Dried Tabsco Sauce on Cardboard!
I actually had to spit it out into the kitchen sink and wash my mouth out with a cookie.

* If you are STILL hungry,
imagine eating with these guys -
This was our lacrosse potluck dinner a couple of weeks ago.
Let's just say that in 7 years, I have NEVER eaten at this event.
1) There is no food left by the time I can get close to the table.
2) Would you want any of the food left after these guys had "handled" it?

* And now if tasting the Hot & Spicy Cheezits didn't do you in.
Here are some pretty pics -

Parker looks abused.
Both arms.
He has been getting beaten with a stick - a lacrosse stick.

Garrett too
Oh and Garrett also has pretty legs.
Blood and gore don't really bother me.


Jamie said...

Oh the lacrosse bruises. I forgot about those. Mine usually came with swollen, bloody thumbs too!

That was gross. Thanks.

valerie said...

Yep, the cabbage smell would definetly make me gag!

Stephdeezy said...

I read the entire post, your last several actual, you've had an eventful week at the least. I don't remember much of what I read though. Just the part about eating a cookie :D Which now I'm off to find just that. A cookie! Happy Thursday!

Stephdeezy said...

oh yes, I remember now-I'm jealous of your cupcake eggs!

Christina said...

I don't like eating at large gathering of people. Maybe it's the strange people, the food, or the strange people's hands in the food.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Do you know how they make Tabasco sauce? It takes FOUR YEARS. I Kid. You. Not. We watched a "Unwrapped" show with Marc Summers (Double Dare guy remember him??") just night before last. That is so gross.

Okay maybe it was two years? but it was years as in plural.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Found it (thanks to Wikipedia)-

Peppers are ground into "mash" the same day they are harvested, placed in white oak barrels (aging barrels previously used for bourbon whiskey) with a small amount of salt, and sent to warehouses on Avery Island for a three-year aging process.


Melissa said...

A giant taco. That is hilarious. At least you didn't leave your corned beef brisquet (however you spell that) to almost burn down your house and make everything in it smell for days (I didn't do it, but my best friend did).

Mrs4444 said...

I can't imagine; we don't have a lacrosse team here. I cook spaghetti for the swim team, but that only take four pounds! haha I'm sure the boys appreciate your efforts :)