Monday, March 29, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhh...........the deliciousness of an empty house!
The boys left for a week of lacrosse in Florida yesterday.
What to do?  What to do?

Here is a list I am contemplating-
some of the things I do whent he kids are around anyway, but anyway -
Things I May or May NOT Do -

1. Clean the house and glory in the fact that it stays clean the WHOLE time they are gone.
2. Eat ice cream.
3. Eat nothing but crap.
4. Eat nutritionally.
5. Make cookies.
6. Iron my sheets.
7. Clean out the flower beds.
8. Read my scriptures.
9. Organize assorted drawers and cupboards.
10. Sit outside in the sunshine and read a book.
11. Go to the temple.
12.Get my nails done.
13.. Cook dinner........or not.
14. Go out to dinner every night with Brian.
15. Register Trammell for college classes........or not because today is the first day of registration and some of the classes he needs ae already full.
16. Plan the trip to Cambodia and start making hotel reservations
17. Blog
18. Clean out the refrigerator and marvel that it stays clean.
19. Go help Brian at his office.
20. Change the background on my blog.
21. Sleep in.
22. Stay up late.
23. Watch movies.
24. Read.
25. Go in the kids' rooms and throw stuff out - they won't realize it's even missing when they get back.

So many options.
So much fun.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

10 and 14 sound like winners to me!

Guymons said...

Have fun doing whatever you decide...but I bet by about Wednesday, you'll be missing them!!!

Melissa said...

Hey, read your comment on my collections. I could make you a twirly skirt if you like :)