Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Santa Claus Came to Town!

Okay , maybe he didn't come to the WHOLE town.
But Santa came here yesterday!
Seriously.............the Sears repairman looked like this -
but he didn't have this costume on.  He had a Sears Repairman shirt on.  He looked just like Santa....but he didn't smell like Santa....I don't think.
But it's the off season and Santa has to have something to do in March!!!
So my appointment was for some time between 8 am and noon.
He came about 11.
He was in and out in minutes.
And it only cost me $127.02.

See, Sears charges a flat $129 service call fee (plus parts). So if Santa stays for 2 minutes or if it takes him all day and he joins you for dinner, it's $129 (plus parts).  It's probably extra if his reindeer come though.

So in came Santa and he cocked his head at the commercial machine. He adjusted his glasses,fumbled through his pack and went to work.
Three minutes later, he brought me this -
It's like Christmas!  HE'S bringing ME presents!  And what gift is better than cold, hard, damp, slimy CASH?
Santa: "All fixed!"
Me: "Really?  Just like that?"
Santa: "Yep. Done!"

His quick fix required no parts!
Hmmmmm........... Really?
He just wanted a check for the $129.
I told him he could keep all that change.  It added up to $1.98 and I would write him a check for the $127.02 balance.  He didn't want my slimy dimes.

The kids came home and saw the pile of change on the counter.
Just like mice to cheese, my trap worked.
They started pushing each other out of the way.
"Oooohhhh Money!"
"That's mine!"
"NO, dude!  It's mine."

I calmly explained that I didn't know whose money it was, but it was mine now.  And whoever's money it was owed me an additonal $127.02.
They dropped the money like it was hot coals and quickly stepped back from the pile.
"Wait?  Why?"
"Oh because all that money was in the washing machine pump and THAT's what broke the machine.  So whoever's money that is can pay up."

Funny, it wasn't their money afterall.
Thanks Santa!


valerie said...

Glad it was a easy fix even though it was a little tough on the wallet. :)

Don and Kelley said...

Oh my gosh! I hear ya! What a pain, but I am glad everything worked out.

Laufa said...

LOL, I see Santa at Wal-mart every so often. Glad he fixes other things besides toys on his off season. (Too bad you couldn't get the Maytag guy though, that would be interesting too.)

Mama Badger said...

Really? Ok, I don't feel bad that I didn't get PB to write out those instructions. Our problem isn't the pump, it's usually this random filter that traps baby socks, and change and screws and such in it. The water can't drain from the machine properly, so it just stops.

But you got a visit from Santa! In March! Nice.

Big Mama Cass said...

HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA that was a hilarious story. I didn't know change could do that!! I will need to be more careful checking pockets around here from now on.