Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pulling My Hair Out

Phew!  Thank heavens it's TUESDAY!
You know what THAT means!  Keely is out of town or something and Amy at Bitchin' Wives Club is hosting today's festivities.

Not only is it RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY, but there is a lot going on around here!

* First - the Washing Machine Repair man is coming between 8 and 12.  I NEED him to come as close to 8 as possible.  So, what do you want to bet that he calls at 11:55 and a) says that he is running late and will be here around 2:30 or b) says that he is running late and won't be here until Thursday.

* IF things work out, we can go pick up Garrett's car at the mechanics.  Garrett has been driving the little white truck while his car has been in the shop.  He doesn't care what car he drives.  He's just happy to have a car.  I, on the other hand, DO care.  When he drives the little white truck, the boys have to stow their lacrosse equipment in the bed of the truck.  There is NO way they can go to school and leave their gear in the bed of the truck all day....unless they want to come out after school to find it missing.  So, I have to drive their equipment to the school and meet them in the parking lot everyday after school so they can grab it.  I want the car back!

* Also, when they come home at night, they lug those ginormous bags of STINKY equipment into the kitchen.  Hmmm...Garrett's bag wasn't in the kitchen this morning.  I texted him at 6:05: "Where is your lax stuff?"  Response: "Oh, I just realized it;s in the back of the lac."
It took me a couple of seconds - Back of the "lac?"  Did he just text so fast he mispelled?  Back of the "lac." RIGHT!
He's quoting Snoop Dogg - "When we doin' what we doin in the back of the lac."
Of course - the back of the truck - the back of the lac.  The truck is a LOT like a Cadillac. ;)

* Speaking of role models.  Lil Wayne reports to Riker's today.  Yep - starting a one year sentence for illegal gun possession.  But don't feel bad. "He's been working hard getting music and videos out to make up for his absence."  Wow!  That's a relief!

* Oh and in other role model news: an 11 year old boy accidentally shot himself in the foot yesterday when his father left him with the gun TO GUARD THEIR MARIJUANA PLANTS!  People! Please!  Thankfully, the dad had a license for 30 of the plants under Colorado's medicinal marijuana lack of laws.  So the dad will only be prosecuted for all of the other plants and for being a dumb ass and giving his kid a gun.  He will be sentenced to 20 seconds in prison.

* It's 8:11 and I haven't heard from the Washing Machine Repair Man.

* My luck is about to change.  I found this:
Yep, it's the lucky wishbone from "Operation," the game.  Okay, so I didn't exactly find it.  A couple of weeks ago, Brian was vacuuming this furry area rug in the basement, when he announced, "Oh, oh, I think I just vacuumed up the wishbone."  The wishbone? "Yeah, I think I just vacuumed up the wishbone from Operation."  NO!!!  Not the Operation game- full of fun - for ages 6 to 8?????  We HAVE to have the wishbone!!!!  Because we haven't played that game in years and we probably never will get it out every Sunday and play as a family. We MUST recover the wishbone.  Feeling adventuresome, I dove into the central vac canister yesterday and sorted through 1,000 hairballs to save the wishbone.  Did you know that 1) I am the only blonde in my family? 2) There was NOT a single strand of dark hair in the vacuum canister?  Why is all MY hair in there and where is everybody elses'?  I'll just ponder that for the rest of the day!

Have a great Tuesday.
And if you get a chance - get over here and start folding.
But not yet, it's 8:23 and he hasn't called yet.


Together We Save said...

Very random & very funny... love your wishbone picture.

valerie said...

lol Great random today Gina! Hope the repair man shows up soon!

jpooh said...

You know, if you hadn't found the wishbone, the kids would have complained for the next three months how they HAD to play "Operation" on a regular basis and you'd feel bad because they couldn't.

Yup...I've been a parent for a loooooong time.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

♥ Kathy said...

Your whole post made me laugh :) glad you found the wishbone!

I am Harriet said...

Ha! the Operation wishbone. Too funny!

Enjoy your RTT.

Mrsbear said...

hahaha. You actually dug around for the wishbone! Sounds like something I would do. Stupid games with their bajillion teeny tiny pieces.

Of course the 11 year old gets a gun, how else do you guard the pot? A machete?

Hope you get your washing machine repaired soon, and the car back. Back of the lac?! That you even knew that! Ha. I feel old.

Stephdeezy said...

RTT is my fave! Thanks for the laughs!!

Captain Dumbass said...

Using your eleven year old to protect the dope? That's classy.

Shangrila said...

LOL-"back of the lac"-too funny! I think that the dumbass with the mj and shotgun should be shot in the...foot. Yeah...the foot. So wrong! I am relieved to hear that you retrieved the wishbone, and disturbed by the lack of dark hair in your vac. Hey, "vac" rhymes with "lac"! Guess I haven't worked all of the random outta my system! *sigh*

Big Mama Cass said...

I don't even know what to say because I am laughing so hard!!!! HAHAHAHAHA That was the BEST random! Here is a random question... why is the wishbone being photographed on top of a dirty yellow cleaning glove? I didn't see anything about THAT in the story! LOL

H.K. said...

I always love reading your Random Tuesdays! First, you get Mom of the year award for going through the vacuum to get the wishbone. And reading about your boys leaving their lacrosse equipment in your kitchen reminds me when Moe would store his stinky football equipment in our dining room - makes my nose scrunch up thinking about it!

Sprite's Keeper said...

That game just isn't the same without the wishbone. So, did the repairman make it before noon or did he turn into a pumpkin? :-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm cracking up at the Snoop Dogg reference and Little Wayne tidbit...you must be living my life. My husband and son listen to rap......makes me want to slam my head against the wall at times!

Laufa said...

The fact that you know Snoop Dogg lyrics is great!
Stupid parents, it seems anytime I stop completely being Mom for a second, something happens to a pet or kid that usually ends us up in a hospital or calling one.
For the hair issue - you lose more hairs than they do since you are older than them, also you probably have way more hair than they do length wise, so it is easier to notice when vacuuming.