Monday, March 15, 2010


Last week, I substituted for my son's early morning seminary/6 am bible study class.
The class was great.
The subject matter was great.
The hour was HORRENDOUS!

I was so grateful when Friday came, I couldn't even blog about it!
So here are some things I liked, loved or was thankful for last week.....besides the obvious cupcakes and my awesome husband.

In no particular order -
* My cozy bed

* My working washing machine

* Tuesday night's email from Trammell - He was transferred from Battambang (about a 5 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh) back to Phnom Penh.  He is companions with his orginal companion in the MTC.

* Connections I have made with other moms of missionaries in Cambodia.  It feels like we are family.  Their stories make me laugh.  They make me cry.  I still keep in touch with the mom of the missionary who "trained" Trammell in Siem Reap even though he has been home from his mission for nearly 8 months.

* Dinners with the boys.  Despite the craziness of lacrosse season, we manage to eat as a family 5-6 nights a week.  I REALLY enjoy being with these people!

* It makes me happy that the boys WANT to be with us too.  Yesterday at church, Brian pointed at Garrett and whispered, "You know..........he's only going to be home another 12 weeks." What?  But I like him?  Why do they leave when we like them?

* Homemade peanut butter cookies and Scotcheroos for breakfast.

* Good books - I love to read and usually read for about 20 minutes before I go to sleep.  It's not a lot of time, but I get to read a couple of books a month.

* The sunny Saturday weather - I went to lacrosse games from 10 am to 4 pm.  I didn't have to wear long underwear and I didn't need handwarmers!  Woohoo!  I came home with a sunburned face.  It was an awesome day to be outside.

* The snowy Sunday weather - I love it when it's rainy/snowy and cold on Sunday and I have a yummy dinner in the crockpot.  Sunday's ROCK!

* International Nap Time - I instituted a mandatory nap time on Sunday afternoon when the kids were little.  Depending on our church schedule, we would come home from church, eat nachos and then everyone would go to their rooms for an hour and a half.  I didn't care what they did in there - legos, read books, sleep, whatever.  Just don't come out! Now the kids are in their teens and prefer to be banished to their rooms for 3-4 hours. ;)

* Working in the temple


CaJoh said...

Your international Nap time reminds me of an acronym some colleagues and I made up called FONT which stands for Friday Optimal Nap Time. So often we were dead tired on Fridays that we wished that they would institute a time for us to nap.

Jeanette said...

I love this thankful list! I'm thankful that my kids have release time seminary so I get to avoid those early mornings! Not fun.

Shirley said...

We had Sunday afternoon naptime too. It's just been in the last few years that the kids have confessed that they didn't always take a nap. I've confessed that I didn't really care what they did as long as I couldn't hear them so I could take a nap.

Christina said...

I'm coming to your house on Sunday just so I can participate in nap time. I miss naps.

kanishk said...

we wished that they would institute a time for us to nap.
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