Friday, March 26, 2010

The Final Four is Being Played AT MY HOUSE!

I am SO ready for Friday!
Make the week end!

It's not that this week was bad, it's just that next week holds so much promise.

So let's end the week!  Head on over and see Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Say "hey" and pick up a button and play along.  You know you want to!

Alrighty then -

* Wednesday was Trammell's birthday!
He's legal!
He's 21!

To celebrate, I sent a birthday package to Cambodia.....complete with a cake mix, frosting, candles, party hats, streamers, balloons etc.
How much do you want to bet that he shoved the whole thing under his bed and hid it?
Remember last year when this picture -
showed up on Facebook?  Yeah, last year he hid his birthday box and then brought it out about 6 weeks later to celebrate another missionary's birthday. I'm guessing the day passed with no fanfare.  He hates the attention.

* So after that little arctic blast of 7" of snow at our last lacrosse game on Tuesday,
 it's been all bright and sunny and 60 degrees.
We have lacrosse this afternoon.
Guess what time the snow is supposed to roll in?
Yep - you've figured it out!
Rain/snow around 4ish, game at 5.

* Next week is Spring Break.
The lacrosse team is going to Disney World
Both boys are going and they leave Sunday at the crack of dawn.
Wow!  NO KIDS!
I thought about going somewhere myself.
I mean.  I have NO KIDS!
But then I thought,
"Wait!  The house is EMPTY!  You DON'T leave the house when the house is empty!"
Oh no!  You lounge around and relish in the fact that NO ONE is going to leave empty cups, shoes, sports equipment, or backpacks laying around.
I think I'm going to clean the house on Monday and then just walk around admiring it the rest of the week.

* Why is coffee table in my office?
Why is the coffee table NOT in the family room?
Oh, I'll tell you.  See the armoire/entertainment center?  Isn't that the perfect backboard for this -

Who cares that there is a sport court outside.  Who cares about the 2200 square foot basement when you can play basketball in the family room?  Doesn't it make perfect sense?  THIS IS the best use of my family room!

* And now...........
another brilliant conversation with Garrett -

G- “Are we going to have good food or bad food for Easter Dinner?”

Me – “What is good food?”

G – “Steak.”

Me – “Steak isn’t Easter food. You don't have Easter Steak.  You have Easter Ham.”

G – “Say no more. THAT answered my question.  I just don't get it.  Why can't we have Kung Pao Chicken or Mongolian Beef?”

Have a great weekend!


McMom said...

I should tell my boys they have to move the coffee table when they play hockey in the family room. What a great idea! Way better than going all the way down to the basement.

Guymons said...

You've probably seen my pictures, we have one of those hoops in our front room....oh, correction, we have 2 of those. They provide a lot of fun (and a lot of noise!)

Hope Trammel enjoyed his birthday package.

I haven't heard from Cameron (Melanee's missionary boyfriend) in months and I've written to him, do you think the fact that she has ANOTHER boyfriend is affecting his desire to write to me?????

Have fun with the boys gone! I am sure they will be having fun!

Tracie said...

I don't blame you for cleaning and then spending the week admiring it...that is a really nice idea actually. I might try it in about ten years!

I hate to disagree with you, but Easter steak sounds really good!

Raven said...

I always love your Friday Fragments! You're right, the best part of no kids is being lazy and enjoying the fact that when you clean the house it STAYS clean!!

Have an awesome weekend!

H.K. said...

Okay, Garret is a lot like Moe! He wanted Chinese food for Christmas or KFC...yuck!

jennifer said...

I think that speaks volumes that the birthday box was used to celebrate someone else. He sounds like a wonderful person.

Prairiemaid said...

Some of this sound so familiar! It must be from having sons?!....or something!

Sending birthday wishes to Trammel.

1987/4/10 said...
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