Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm running around here like a chicken turkey with his head cut off.
Good thing it's Tuesday - so we have TWO more days to get things done for Thanksgiving!
And good thing it's Tuesday - cuz my head's full of RaNDoM!
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* My turkey is brining.

* The sheets are in the dryer.

* Garrett is home from college.
* Trammell gets home this afternoon.

 * It's been TWO years since we've had everyone together for Thanksgiving!  TWO YEARS!
(my bro, Trammell and Allen - circa 2008)
*And this is our LAST Thanksgiving together (immediate family) for awhile because for the next two Thanksgivings, Garrett will be on a mission

* I blogged a list of a FEW things I was thankful for on Sunday.
#21 was "Brothers - Crazy brothers who make me laugh"
Hey - it #21.
ABOVE cupcakes!

My brother commented:
#21? I would like to request that I be separated out from the other brothers and moved up on the list. After all I can make you laugh and remove a mole. Seriously #21. My people will contact your people about moving me up the list and separating me out from the others, who just draft off me anyways.

Love you.

Now you know why I'm thankful for them!
I'm waiting for my mom to comment that she was below my brothers.
NO PARTICULAR ORDER PEOPLE! No particular order.

* I am SOOOO HaPPy!
There is NOTHING I need to go shopping for on Black Friday.
No "toy of the year," no gadgets, no electronics,.....
Oh, we'll still go out........but only to make fun of other shoppers fighting over IPads and TV's.

Well, there's all those fun things to go do - make beds, hang up clean towels in the bathrooms, make lists!
Have a wonderful, wonderful THANKSGIVING!



Christina said...

That is great. Enjoy the family. All of them.

VandyJ said...

It's always great to get the family together for Thanksgiving. Ours is spread out this year.

kimert said...

Visiting from RTT!! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! It definitely sounds like it will be great. :)

Julianna said...

I worked retail for too long to do anything near the mall on Black Friday. That said, this year, I'm picking up our wedding rings (hey it saves us $70!) on the big slae day.

Happy Turkey day!

Just call me Yankee said...

Have fun poking fun at the other shoppers. Hope you find something you can't live without if you don't have fun making fun of the other shoppers though.

Raven said...

I'm glad everyone is home for the holiday! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!