Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today, I'm sharing a beautiful, easy and fun craft that will not only grace your Thanksgiving table,
but will last throughout the holidays!
And it's a project that's so easy, the whole family can be a part of it.


What? It's a classy, glamorous name!

You'll want to do this project BEFORE you shower or get dressed - like early in the morning.
Trust me.

Scoot the kids out the door to school.
Go ahead.  Send them 15 minutes early.
It's only November.  It's not THAT cold.

See - the kids are participating.
They're staying out of the way.
NEVER let kids play with glitter.  NEVER.

Assemble your supplies:
You'll need 3 colors of Martha Stewart Glitter - Yes it's expensive and hard to find at Michaels (the only store that carries it, but it really is the best,  Elmer's Glue, a paintbrush and some paper plates for glitter containment.
Anyway, you'll need three coordinating colors and then one regular container of kid's normal glitter that you scrounge out of your craft closet or laundry room when you realize you don't really like one of the colors you bought.
Indian Corn - in a variety of sizes in colors.
They all come completely husked, but if you soak the husk in warm water (thanks Margaret) - or if you are in a hurry, just get it wet, you can pull some of the husk down to give variety to your Glitter Display.
Squirt the glue directly on the corn.  I tried to do it the neat and dainty way of putting a puddle of glue on a paper plate and "painting" it on with a paint brush, but then, the glue isn't thick enough and the kids will be home from school before you get done.
So squirt the glue on about two thirds of the corn - so there is a clean side to put directly on your table cloth.
Now, even out the glue with the paint brush.
Starting with your main color - which of course, should be Gold, sprinkle the entire cob like you are salting it.
Then use your "accent" colors to give it dimension.
Don't be too heavy handed with the accent colors.
And remember, Martha's glitter is fine, unlike that crappy kid's craft glitter.
Go easy on the chunky glitter.
 DON'T touch the glitter!
Oh you will have glitter everywhere - the phone, your cheek, the faucet, the glue bottle, the door knob, every piece of material you touch. FOREVER!
Especially don't touch the glitter if you cut your finger last week and should have gotten stitches, but didn't.
Now you'll have to get the tweezers and pull glitter out of the cut.
Now the tweezers have glitter on them.

Oh shoot.  Your husband's leaving for work.
Well, give him a little pat on the butt and a quick kiss on the cheek.'s he's in on the craft.
His co-workers will be commenting all day.
"Is that......uhh....glitter....on your cheek?"

"Ummm.....I think you have something on your pants."

He'll have glitter on his behind until May!
Told you not to touch the glitter!
Told you this project would last well into the OTHER holidays!

Well, it's too late now.
Don't say anything.  Just let him go.
Cuz, we've got to finish up.
 Use the paintbrush to paint glue "highlights" on the husk and sprinkle just a tiny bit of the main glitter color on them.
 Allow to dry while you attempt to clean up the glitter.
Not even a shower with a firehose will get that glitter off.
But hey, it's the holidays.
You're supposed to look festive.....
at 8 am on a Wednesday!



Mama Badger said...

I think I'll leave this craft to you. I avoid glitter like the plague. I got some in my eye two years ago and I'm still mentally scarred.

Guymons said...

I am friend's with our school custodian and he HATES when the classes do projects with glitter.

Your project was pretty cool, though, and I loved the way you gave us step by step instructions with photos, but where was the picture of your husbands cheek or pants? haha

Tricia said...

Nice job! I never would have thought of doing that. I want to glitter EVERYTHING. Someone once told me to glitter on the front porch instead of in the house....but isn't that a lyric in a B-52's song? Anyway, they look great!

Mimi said...

Gabe wants to know why he wasn't invited. Thank you for not including him!

Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product in person! I think it just makes the food taste better:)

Don and Kelley said...

Aubrey loves it!!!!! Zach always says that glitter is the herpes of the art world. Hmmmm.

Danelle said...

So, the glue is like the butter, and the glitter is like the salt. Now I have to figure out what I can glitterize for the centerpiece contest!

Julianna said...

I saw this article also. I loved the pears too. :) And I must say, it's like you've been to my house and done craft project with me. Ever done embossing with powder? Yeah, I've had that under my nails since 1994. -J

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I am still laughing about this post!

Mrs4444 said...

This post (as well as the comments) really made me smile. You're a cutie pie :) Thanks for linking it up :)