Monday, November 22, 2010


So if you've been around her very long,
you know that my kids are not normal.

Back in August, Garrett had an impending birthday
and asked for this:
Yes, an expensive fountain pen.  And he even found someone to teach him calligraphy.

Garrett's enthusiasm trickled down to Parker.
Parker eagerly anticipated his birthday in October and he knew just what he wanted.
While most soon to be 16 year olds are begging for a car,
Parker asked for this:
A few weeks ago, Brian was on an airplane and just before landing,
the man next to him struck up a conversation.
He noticed Brian's pen and asked him if he enjoyed it.
Brian replied that he had owned that pen for more than 20 years and loved it.

The man lamented that "writing"was a lost art.
Brian told him that surprisingly, our two boys loved pens and had a fascination with fountain pens.
This made the man's day, as he is an avid collector of pens.

He asked for our address and told Brian that he had some pens he would send the boys.
Brian thought the man was very kind to say that, but who would really go home and send pens to strangers?

A couple of weeks later,
we received these in the mail:
He sent these to the boys.
He also wrote up a brief history of the pens for them.
They are antiques from the 40's an 50's.
The boys were so surprised and excited to double their fountain pen collections!
We were surprised that the man actually took the time and cared to share his passion with us - strangers.
There are STILL nice people doing nice things all around us!
Once again, my faith in mankind is restored!


Sarah said...

Very nice! I agree, it's uncommon these days to have people behave that way, but it's so heartwarming when they do!

Mama Badger said...

I am not surprised at all. He sensed a kindred soul. I love a good pen, too. I'm left handed, though, so it's hard to find one that writes beautifully and isn't a mess.

valerie said...

Very cool!

Julianna said...

There are amazing people all around. Most of the time they find their way to us just when we need them. ;)

And to answer your question... I love anything left in the mailbox for me. (Especially the chocolate and grocery store/coffee gift cards) But that's the thing. Most people leave something for their regular carrier. I am the "weekend warrior", their substitute carrier, and most of the time, I get nothing. (and No, most of the regular carriers do not share their Christmas Tips) Therefore, I am happy with anyone that thinks twice about me.


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I love stories like this. It reminds me that most people really are kind & good.

Amanda G said...

It's always nice to hear stories like this. Several years ago a friend and I had a complete stranger pick up the bill for our meal...and it was not a cheap restaurant. Such a great and unexpected surprise.

Sarah said...

I have fountain pen from my great great Aunt, it is a lady's pen that has a ring to hang it from a necklace. I love it and I will get it out and write to people just to have an excuse to use it. I even used it to write to my sister on her mission. Glad to hear that the love of beautiful pens is being passed on to new generations.