Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Get the Party Started!

* Oh yeah!  It's Friday!
I'm ready to rock.
I'm ready to party* like it's 1999 or 2012 or whatever.
You know who else likes to party?
Mrs 4444.
It's true.  And she'll party with just about anyone.
Get on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and see for yourself!

* Lil' Wayne just got out of Rykers late Wednesday night.
I can't wait to hear the music that he didn't write in jail because you KNOW that he followed the judges orders to NOT have ANYTHING to do with music while servin time.
Okay, so he did get busted when they found headphones in his cell.  But they weren't conected to anything.
They were JUST the headphones.
So, get ready for "Jailhouse Rock" or "Songs from the Block" or some other prisony sounding album!

* Before I party, I should probably clean out the Trunk or Treat decorations and Halloween candy out of the way back of my car.
Hey, don't judge.
I got home from the Trunk or Treat party at 9 pm Saturday and still had to pack and clean the house.
We got up and went to two churches and then drove to Utah (not in the Trunk or Treat vehicle).
So yeah, there are two giant spiders, glow in the dark fabric and a cauldron full of candy back there.

* Hmmmm......people have been talking to me like I am 3.
Trammell and I were driving to his doctor's appointment.
He was driving.  I was staring out the window counting how many tattoo shops we passed.
(This was on State Street from Provo to American Fork in Utah)
Me: "Oooooo........there's a kickboxing place!  Do you think I should take a kickboxing or a pole dancing class."
Trammell: Staring straight ahead - "I'm sure you'll do well in whichever one you decide."

* Another example -
I was driving home from the Scout office that is 45 minutes away for the SECOND time in a week.
It was very frustrating.  My 10 year stint in scouting has been extremely frustrating so I did what any normal person would do.
I phoned a friend!
Me: "Blah, blah, rant, rant, blah, blah...........and just let me say: I AM bitter and I will ALWAYS HATE, in capital letters, Scouting."
Margaret: "Well, that sounds both very mature and rational."

What are these people saying?
Are they humoring me?

* Congrats to Tiny Baby!
He passed his Eagle Board of Review last night with flying colors.
You know what that means?
Hey, despite what I said above, I'm not saying "we are done with scouts" with bitterness.
I'm just saying that it's something we can cross of our list of things that have to be done.
We can quite worrying about missing blue cards, required badges, merit badge colleges, getting things signed off and lost books.
Just sayin'!

* I'm kind of suffering from "Holiday Confusion Syndrome."
You know.
Where you're debating about shellacking a cornucopia and sheaves of wheat with glitter or just moving on to putting out the Christmas village and throwing up the garland so that it's one less thing you have to do on Black Friday.
I'm so torn.
Decorate for Thanksgiving or let the guests eat amongst pine needles?

Well, I'm going to go decorate something for some holiday.
You know, Veteran's Day is next week!
Maybe I should get out some red, white and blue bunting.
Have a great weekend!


* When I say "party," I'm talking about doing really wild and crazy stuff like going to Costco, eating out, making popcorn and getting on my bed to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" at 6:45.  Because I know how to party!


Anonymous said...

Great, fun post! I am always a little torn on decorating this time of year as well... I usaully blend a litle of both! I think I'll put my tree up on Saturday!

I really couldn't care less when it comes to "gangsta rappers" but this bit of info is so funny... Really, "fo real", is this true, he had headphones in his cell???
You will never find me listening to Lil Wayne, Lil Weezy, Lil Man, of Lil anyone. It just isn't my "thang"!

Anything to do with rappers sorta just makes me chuckle...!

Mama Badger said...

Wow. That was a lot of post. But I will say, you're my kind of party girl. Will it be caramel corn? Because that would make it all autumny.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm totally up for your kind of partying. Costco better watch out!

Julianna said...

Here's the thing. You should do both. Take the kickboxing first, then when the folks get out of line with the pole dancing, you can kick their butts back into line.

Just saying.


Andrea said...

I read the last four posts and am cramming it all into one comment (cause you love random and I love you) -

Yea for doctors who rock! This week I hate doctors. (Well, I love the doctor had the 7 month long wait for the actual appointment that will actually be useful).

I still don't get your taste in music. But it's so cute! on you that I don't care.

You're his sister? Cheap date? Ahh, that's so awesome :)

I say you drive to somewhere in the middle of where I am and where you are. I'm sure we can find somewhere that is serving cupcakes.

Have a great weekend!

Danelle said...

I hate scouts too, and I am SO far from being done with it! You should definitely decorate for Veteran's Day. One of the things I miss the most about Canada, besides the donuts, is that there were veterans and boys scouts everywhere selling fake poppies the week before Veteran's Day and everybody wears one. I kinda miss that.

Shirley said...

Parker's only 16. He has two more years to earn badges and Eagle palms (or whatever they're called). He has lots of time to lead by example. The younger scouts still need him.