Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for today?

What am I thankful for?
1. A Heavenly Father who knows me and STILL loves me.
2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ

3. The Atonement
4. My wonderful husband
5. Family
6. That my boys will be home for Thanksgiving

7. My home - a refuge from the world
8. Peace
9. Butter
10. Donuts
11. Bacon
12. Technology - so I can talk to all the crazy people in my life
13. A refrigerator full of food

14. A warm bed
15. That we get to go to church today
16. That we get to come home from church today and hang out with each other
17. Good friends
18. Prayer
19. Miracles
20. The scriptures
21. Brothers - crazy brothers who make me laugh
22. Their wives - for putting up with them
23. My Parents

24. Snowstorms, rainstorms, lightening, thunder, sunshine...but not wind.
25. Fall leaves
26. Blue skies
27. Cupcakes
28. Books
29. My life!


Guymons said...

Whoa, thought cupcakes would be higher, a lot higher!

Ashli Dardenne said...

Really like #10, and of course Butter. I'm thankful for Butter too. Don't care for all the "butter wanna-be's"

Sarah said...

Wonderful list!

Sarah said...

Wonderful list!

JJ said...

#21? I would like to request that I be separated out from the other brothers and moved up on the list. After all I can make you laugh and remove a mole. Seriously #21. My people will contact your people about moving me up the list and separating me out from the others, who just draft off me anyways.
Love you.

Julianna said...

Great list. I was getting concerned, but then I saw "Cupcakes", and breathed a sigh of relief. ;)

Raven said...

What an awesome list!