Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Don't waste your breath telling me that RaNDoM is only for Tuesdays.
I missed it.
It was a long day with no computer access.

* We went with Trammell to his endoscopy at 6:45 am,
dumped him on the couch in his apartment around 9 am
and headed back to Denver.
We did call frequently to check on him....and he was alive.

* I LOVE Trammell's doctor!
Who cares if she has any qualifications or ever cures him;
she thought I was Trammell's SISTER!
Trammell was a little put out.

* Later, we went to th grocery store to stock up.
As we were checking out, I made a comment about how we were getting out of there relatively cheaply.
The checker looked at Trammell and I and replied, "Yeah, you guys are on a cheap date."
I LOVE that checker.
Trammell was disgusted!

* So much for the democratic process!
My VOTE FOR ME FOR CORONER campaign didn't work.
I convinced everyone to write my name in.
And then, there was no write in line.
No one could write in my name!!!!!
How am I ever going to be the coroner?

* Trammell (speaking of a song on the new TaylorSwift album): "This song inspired the whole album.  It's about..........."
Me (after listening to the lurics): "So it's a boy hater album?"

Trammell: "Oh yeah - the whole album is filled with boy hater songs."
Me: "So why do we own three copies?"

Wow - Taylor Swift is right!  Boys are dumb!

* Trammell's endoscopy went well.
We'll get results in about a week.
Hopefully, we'll get some answers and he can stop throwing up.

* Garrett called and was talking about school.
He said that he had an English assignment to interview a "unique" person and write about them.
"I got lucky!  I found someone really cool!  It's hard to find someone unique around here."

LOL - He does have a point.........kind of.
He's at a university in Rexburg, Idaho with 15,000 Mormons.
It's not the most diverse school,  but I'm sure there are lots of unique people.
Garrett goes there!

Well, that's it.
I got it out of my system.
I can move on to laundry, bill paying and going to the Scout office.
Have a great Wednesday!


Mama Badger said...

I wasn't going to tell you this, but there is never a line for jobs like coroner. I'm pretty sure they have to verify your qualifications before they let you put your name on the ballot (it's like County Auditor- if you can't audit, you can't run). Hence the no write ins. Sorry.

Julianna said...

I have completely lost track of my days of the week. I am pretty sure the next time I blink, it will be Thanksgiving. :) Hope your boy's feeling better soon! -J

valerie said...

Hope Trammell can be feeling better soon. I can't believe you forgot the most important thing! Your best friend Lil Wayne just got out of jail! lol :)

Stacy said...

I'm wondering about Trammell. Are they checking for celiac disease?