Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.......like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.
After the destruction of Monday, there is always Tuesday........
and that means RaNDoM!
Don't you love Keely?
Well, get on over to The Un Mom and tell her!

* I might have to stop blogging.
Brian had a nightmare and it was bloody and violent!
Someone was stalking me....
and it all started with this blog!

Because it's just THAT interesting!

* Don't you love trash day?
Especially after a holiday!
Say goodbye to the turkey carcass!
Say goodbye to whatever leftovers are hanging out in the refrigerator!
Good riddance!
I love an empty refrigerator.

* I couldn't decide what to have for dinner last night.
Left over turkey?
Left over ham?
Soup and a sandwich?
And then Brian walked through the door with a plate of mint brownies.
Someone at work made them for me.
Dilemma solved!

Guess what I am having for breakfast?

* I may or may not get out some Christmas decor today.
I may or may not wash all the sheets now that all the "guests" have left.
I may or may not run errands.
I may or may not hire (okay, give my input. I'm not THAT powerful!) a new lacrosse coach today.

If I decide to NOT everything, what should I do?

* Do you think it is bad that I was reading blogs at the same time as taking an online quiz on how to be a Boy Scout leader?
Really, I'm pro at multi-tasking!

See!  Everybody knows the answer to "True or False? Light hazing is acceptable with adult supervision."
Boy scouts is just like being IN MY family..........where light hazing is ALWAYS acceptable.

*I never told you what we had for Thanksgiving.
I'm kind of bummed that I don't have a picture of the heaily laden table.
But then again..........it is kind of embarrassing.
Talk about gluttony.
But I will give you a hint - 2 turkeys, 1 ham, 3 kinds of potatoes, 5 pies and cheesecake.
I won't tell you how many people were here.  I'll let you think it was about 45.

* If you ARE stalking this blog and plan on taking it to the next level and showing up here with a knife,
could you please give me a little heads up and comment?  Thanks!

Happy Tuesday!


Raven said...

Wow, that's a lot of food! Now I'm hungry. I want ham. hehe

I have a lot to do today, that I may or may not do too. I've been procrastinating all morning.

Have a great Tuesday!

VandyJ said...

No knives here. But holy food batman, that's a lot of stuffing going on. No wonder you like an empty fridge.

Amy said...

I wanted ham this year but no one else did. Next year they can buy their turkey premade at a store and I'll bake myself ham.

Christina said...

Your dinner sounds very close to ours. I think we had about 45 guests too. *wink*

Don't worry, I come unarmed.

Danelle said...

I fail that boy scout quiz every time. I promise it's not on purpose so I don't have to help with boy scouts.

Amanda said...

You made me hungry lol I eat pie for breakfast after Thanksgiving. I love pie :-)

Julianna said...

Well I won't be coming by with a knife, but definitely with a fork...probably around Christmas dinner time... that sounds delish!

Hanna said...

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Take a peek at my giveaways when you stop by. I've got 4 amazing handmade ones going on now:)
You've got a beautiful family

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm showing up at your house next Thanksgiving with a knife, but only to help carve up those turkeys.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Those mint brownies were amazing!!!!! I'll only bring a knife if you ask me to! Hope the hiring went smoothly.

Laufa said...

LOL, not an avid stalker, but I will comment. MMM, mint brownies!
You better be careful on taking quzzes while doing other things, I took the quiz for a job with Old Navy while fieldiing the kids questions. They now think I'm a sociopath and cannot work with them or any of their partners.

Brandy@YDK said...

i hate weird - stick with you - dreams like that. i promise not to stalk and murder you.