Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's Random Thought Tuesday!!!! Yippee!
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Keely at The Unmom.
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I dare ya!

* I took Garrett's car to have the emissions test done on it yesterday.

While waiting, I listened to his CDs. He has some great ones: Owl City, Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun.

But you won't believe what happened while I was there!
The Kanye West CD spontaneously erupted: sending CD shards all over the parking lot.

Okay, maybe it wasn't spontaneous.
It might have happened when I folded the CD in half.

I wonder how long it will take for him to realize it is missing.

* I was getting the emissions test yesterday because I am going to register FOUR vehicles today. Yep - for some reason I am not excited to part with the $1,416.97.

* You can tell it's Fall! I've been baking. Last week, it was the peanut butter cookies, this week, I made frosted pumpkin cookies. Nothing says Fall like pumpkin! 633 people gave this recipe five our of five stars. I think they are "okay." I ate four of them for breakfast.

* Tiny Baby is TICKED! Tonight is the High School Academic Letter Ceremony - right during the season premier of The Hills!!!!! Plus, the ceremony is "business dress." Parker is feeling really put out! Now, I will brag. He is receiving an academic letter for his outstanding performance last year. In order to letter as a freshman, you have to have a cumulative GPA of 4.0! Go Tiny Baby!!!! We can DVR The Hills.

* I'm going to say something really sexist here-
Most women should NOT be allowed to drive.
I am generalizing here - but women drivers are awful!!!!!!!

They can barely drive, but then you hand them a cell phone, and it is all over!!!!!
Ladies! Put down the cell phone and drive your dang car!

* Oh and today is the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone.
I can honestly say that I have never watched an episode.
I just wasn't in to it.
But congrats to the "inventor," "developer," creator" guy!



Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Hey, Let's sit together tonight! I'll trade you a pumpkin cookie for some of the baklava I made!?
Don't you wish you could run some drivers off the road?

Missty said...

We are close to you - 3 cars to register, one to smog. BUT the HAPPY NEWS!! I will be paying off TWO cars in the next couple of weeks! Happy Day!!

Shirley said...

How sad about the CD ; )
Congrats to Parker!
Ouch on the car registration.
Now you've made me hungry for pumpkin muffins....off to the kitchen to see if I have what I need to make them....

Amber Page Writes said...

Even worse than female drivers on cell phones? Old lady drivers on cell phones! It's true! I was stuck behind one this morning. Almost stroked out, I was so angry...

And $1400 in registration fees? You have my sympathy.

Happy Random Tuesday

Big Mama Cass said...

LOL yes women drivers are terrible, but where I live, EVERYONE is a terrible driver!!! i think they must teach bad driving in schools here

valerie said...

lol about the Kayne cd. I hate women drivers who try and text and eat a hotdog, while driving. It's true. I saw it yesterday when she almost ran into me. Happy registering!

Anonymous said...

You never watched The Twilight Zone?? That might be the saddest thing I've ever read....

Mama Badger said...

Where the frack do you live that it costs on average $300 to register a dang car??? Holy krappe. It only cost me $80 to register the wagon and get a new drivers license (don't ask why, but I've somehow needed one every stupid year I've lived in this stupid state).

Congrat to the smart boy! A 4.0? Your 3 boys give me hope that my two won't kill eachother or end up in adjoining jail cells.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Margaret -more than 400 kids getting academic letters was pretty impressive, but I was really there for the cookies.

Missty - Congrats on the payoff! That is exciting!!!

Shirley - Send some of those pumpkin muffins my way!

Ginger - I'm laughing at your Twilight Zone comment!

Mama Badger - Not to kill your hope, but the day isn't over yet! ;) And I'm pretty sure that if someone got killed around here, I'd be doing the killing!

Melissa said...

I'm sure Garrett will actually be happy about the Kanye cd exploding, seeing as how Kanye dissed Garrett's future wife and all.

Kim said...

well... cant say I feel bad for Kanye.
Try my pumpkin muffins... awesome.
Congrats to Parker.
2 cars to register this week.
Im a great driver!
no twillight zone here.

Raven said...

Is emissions a new thing? Or does it go state to state and some states don't have it? We used to have to do that here in MN but then they discontinued it cuz the poverty stricken couldn't afford to do it. I hope they didn't reinstate it cuz I'm one of those poverty stricken!!

Fall so rocks! My daughter and I bought stuff for her to make iced pumpkin cookies too. I love her pumpkin cookies.

Congrats on Parker's award. That's awesome!

I think all people talking on cell phones while they drive need to put them down, man or woman. I have yet to see anyone who can drive properly and talk on the phone.

Love your random!!


JennyMac said...

haha about the Kanye cd. I would accidentally bend my cd of his in half too if I had one. LOL.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Way to go Tiny Baby! That's great.

Hmm, cd what cd? hehe

Frosted pumpkin cookies - I'll send you my address. It's breakfast time and I'm hungry.