Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trade Me Lives!

Here's a couple of conversations from yesterday.  I love my life!

Parker walks in the door from lacrosse practice: What time do you we have to leave?
Me: In exactly one hour.
Parker: Are you serious?  (<- that line follows anything distasteful that I say like - you have to clean your room before bed, or go mow the lawn.)
Parker: I'm NOT dressing up for this. This is the dumberst thing.
Me: You have to dress up.  The invitation says business dress.
Parker: Fine.  I'm not wearing a tie though.  That's gay.
Me: That's what business dress is!

In the car
Parker is dressed in black pin stripe dress pants, a french blue shirt and pink tie.
Parker: This is such a waste.  I'm missing the season premier of The Hills for this stupid thing.
Me: It's not a waste.  You should be proud of yourself.
Parker: I'm missing The Hills.
Me: The Hills is the stupidest show ever.  What was that show Trammell use dto watch when he was in high school?
Parker: Laguna Beach.  The Hills is the same thing but they aren't in high school anymore.  It's the same people.

Me: It's the same people?  So they've graduated.  Are they like in college now?
Parker: Kind of but they aren't really in college, they are in like design school or whatever.
Me: But there's no Homecoming or Prom?  So that eliminates half the story lines and drama.
Parker: Oh no, now the drama is someone's girlfriend goes to the bar with someone else ad gets caught.
Me: That is stupid!  What a stupid show.
Parker: Yeah it's totally stupid.

Pulling into the school
Parker: You know what?  This is like a punishment.  Like the smart people get punished by having to come back to the school.
Me: Shut up.
Parker: I'll tell you who the smart people are.  The smart people are the ones who don't show up to this and go in the office and pick up their letter tomorrow.

He's right.  I just came for the cookies.

We made it home.  Here's Parker watching The Hills.  When you have a show THIS good, you don't just show it once on Tuesday night.  You have RERUNS on the very same night it comes out!


Melissa said...

That is hilarious. The smart people are punished by having to come back to school. Classic.

Don and Kelley said...

That is so funny! I love the picture! That is what my kids say about G.A.T.E. They say it is just punishing smart kids by giving them more work!


well tell parker i have watched it even when it was laguna beach and yes it is a dumb show but i still can't stop watching it - i'm no quitter

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

LOL! He has such great logic :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

So funny! At least the cookies were good! I have an award for you over on my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

kyslp said...

Oh, the joys I have to look forward to. (My boys are 6 and 9.)
I jumped over here from Margaret's site. I love your blog design, too!