Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm telling you: The fun just NEVER ends around here!
Last Friday, I went on an extremely glamorous field trip.

Parker stayed home from school sick and I wasn't feeling so hot myself.

I had scheduled a doctor's appointment for a physical that afternoon and figured we would keep the appointment.

We just changed the "well baby" visit into a "sick baby" visit.

Yes, I know he is 14 but that is still a BABY in my mind.

And it was just like old times!
We got the exam room with colorful fish and crabs and seahorses painted all over it.

Just to relive, his childhood, he asked me to read him a book while we were waiting for the doctor. In doctor's office tradition, we read something by Dr. Suess.

They didn't measure his head circumference, but they did check all of his other vitals.

Tiny Baby is..................tiny.
At 4'11" and 91 pounds, he's in the 5% for weight and the >5% for height.
Like we needed a chart to tell us that.

Amazingly, this was the first visit I didn't have to prep my kids with the "answers." He a) told the truth and b) passed.

" you eat a variety of foods including vegetables and fruits? What about meat?"

Does eating a chicken breast with sushi and a salad immediately after school count? I don't know where the two popsicles fit but he did eat the official dinner of pasta with red sauce and steamed broccoli and zuchinni too..........before the bowl of ice cream.
Anyway -
"Food?" Check

"Sleep habits?" Check (kinda - she didn't ask how much sleep and we didn't tell)

"Exercise?" 15 hours of lacrosse a week, plus random running around. Check

"Do you wear your seat belt?" Check

"Do you have good friends? Do they smoke or drink?" Check - I mean Check they don't.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" NO! right answer! Check! That alleviates going down a whole other line of questions!!!!!

I did allow him a small sliver of dignity - barely.
I left during the "private" part of the exam.
I was feeling generous.

Evidently - everything is Check.
Oh and he's recovered (mostly) from the random crud he had.


Shirley said...

Glad everything checked out. : )

Your tiny baby is about the size my older son was at that age. I think David may have been an inch or two taller, but he weighed about the same - wrestling at 93 lbs. when he was 14. He was so glad when he "bulked up" for his sophomore year and could wrestle varsity at 103. By the time he was in college, he was all the way up to the 125 weight class. : )

valerie said...

Glad Tiny baby is feeling better and that every thing checks out fine. Hope you are feeling better too!

Big Mama Cass said...

Haha... glad he is feeling better :)