Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I do!
I’m the Queen of Random Thoughts
All my thoughts are random
Just give me 30 seconds

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*I hate chocolate. I don’t like chocolate candy. I’ll eat one piece about once a month. I won’t eat chocolate ice cream, brownies, fudge, chocolate chips and certainly no “death by chocolate” desserts. But why do I like chocolate cake? I only like it if it has a frosting other than chocolate. I can’t eat chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. But I can eat this!

For breakfast!

*How about Kanye West? What a total jerk to yank the mic out of Taylor Swift’s (my future dil) hands. Despite Kanye’s apology, Garrett loves Taylor Swift and he cannot find it in his heart to forgive him. I however acknowledge that Kanye is a big spoiled baby and he acted completely inappropriately (I think we’ve discussed his pouting and poor behavior at award shows on this blog before). However, I have to hand it to him: he still showed up on Jay Leno last night AND he said he was stupid and he made no excuses. He said he was sorry to let his feelings hurt Taylor. He can make it up to me by corroborating on a song with her. Garrett says “No!”

*Yesterday, I told the kids “Put your laundry away before you go to bed” about 1,000 times. Seriously, it was like a broken record. I don’t know why I couldn’t let it go. Or, I should have made the world come to a stop and made them come right then and get their laundry and take it right then and put it away. “Be sure to get your whites.” “Don’t forget to take your laundry.” Wow, what a harpy! But look what is in the laundry room right now

The mom in me wants to say, “Poor Garrett – he leaves the house at 5:40 every day and gets home around 8 and still has to do homework. Poor baby. I can help him by putting his laundry away.” The other mom in me wants to text him: “Gte your butt home right now and put away your damn laundry. It’s not that hard.” The child in me wants to open the basement door and throw the entire pile down the stairs……letting it come unfolded and scatter everywhere!

*I get to register 4 out of our 5 cars this month. (And the month is half over) How is that for exciting. For some reason, I'm not exactly rushing to write that check! The only car NOT getting registered is the cheap car! Figures!

*Tuesday is my FAVORITE day....well Tuesday night really. and it's not because of Random Tuesday Thoughts. Tuesday is the day that I write Trammell and Tuesday night (into Wednesday morning) is when we get his email. Yeah, when you have a 20 year old who you only get to communicate with on one day.....it becomes your favorite day. Really! Brian and I leave our computers on and check them every 30 seconds until we go to sleep. Well, he goes to sleep. I go to doze. I sneak out of bed every 15 minutes to check the computer, until I drift off to sleep. then I wake up at 1 am and check the computer. I have NO self control. I sit at the computer bleary eyed and read the email in the middle of the night.

Wanna see one of the 416 pics I got last week?
I knew you did!

Okay, so that was four!


TheSingleGirl said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! Finally, someone who agrees that chocolate is overrrrated! I would totally start a stampede for chips though...NOM. Not sure how that's relevant, but, yeah.

Make that boy put his laundry away. Taylor will thank you in the future. ;D

Cute pictures.

Happy Tuesday, enjoy that email!

Missty said...

Great randomness. I do the same - do I help them out, or make them do the chore. Guess it just depends on the day. I usually meet them half way - stack it on thier beds. Great Pics from Cambodia!!

H.K. said...

I am totally the opposite in chocolate. I love all things in chocolate, but I'm not crazy about chocolate cake. Chocolate lovers find me weird.

Swoozie said...

I do not enjoy chocolate at all. Now give me some white chocolate and I'll be all happy!

The JERK last night on Leno----I felt that was the most insincere apology I've ever heard! In addition, I thought that Leno should have cancelled Kanye and SOMEHOW gotten Taylor to be on the show instead. Now that would have made for a great first show!

Great randomness....

Big Mama Cass said...

Now I want chocolate cake. And I do the same thing with laundry ALLLLLL the time. But the hubby says I am a nag so I stopped. Now I just pray that someday he will put his laundry away. Someday. It could happen. Maybe. *sigh*

valerie said...

I don't know Gina. No chocolate? All this time and I never knew. How? Why? lol I have been having a bit of trouble with the kiddies and their laundry too. They each have a basket and if it does manage to get into their rooms they still don't put it away. They just paw through the clean clothes untill it becomes a crazy jumble. Most of the time it just sits in the laundry room and I feel like you do. Just throw the dang thing all over their room. My luck they'd just gather it all up and say they were dirty.

Bradley said...

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Raven said...

I love chocolate, but I have to be in the mood for it, I can't just eat it anytime.

I hate it when my kids don't put laundry away! They like to leave it all over the house cuz we don't have a laundry room in our apartment. And when I nag them to put it away, they get all offended, like I have no reason to do so. Never mind the million other times they left it out in my living room for a week or more!!


Anyway, love seeing those pics every week. It looks like he's having a good time.

Great random thoughts! Sorry I'm a bit behind on commenting on them, it's been another crazy week!