Monday, September 14, 2009

Do YOU see anything WRONG
with this picture?

First, let me explain that this is a picture of the counter in Garrett's bathroom?

Now, do you see anything wrong BESIDES the fact that it is messy?

Hmmm....Garrett asked me to pick up some Slim Jims and some Air Heads for he AND his brother. Bought individually at the grocery, 100 Slim Jims can add up, whereas a Vend Pack is relatively cheap. Same with the Air Heads.

I saw him "set up" the Vend Pack dispenser in the kitchen.

But Vend Packs set up in your bathroom? And what's with the toothbrush "resting" on the Twizzlers?


Tricia said...

hilarious!!! and what about the elmer's glue bottle?

well I gotta give him credit for being efficient. vend packs in the bathroom is really a matter of getting more done in less time. :)

valerie said...

lol Love the pic with the toothbrush on the twizzler package.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Uhh, Multitasking?? You got me.

smarkuci said...

Yeah, I'm still wondering about the glue. ---SM

Missty said...

Boys! I just asked my two about the toothbrush that was in the shower? gag! No one claimed it was theirs.

The Crazy Coxes said...

The Elmer's Glue isn't really glue.Are you ready???? My boys go through more product than anyone I know! The Glue bottle is really Paul Mitchell hair gel. Isn't that a clever package? It's super stiff and it does look like glue!

Kim said...

i agree Missty.. BOYS!