Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am fully aware that it is NOT Random Thought Tuesday, but I have some random things to say.

It's my blog and no one is the boss of me and I can put down random thoughts on whatever day I want....or every day.

1. Last night, we happened to notice Trammell's email pop in around 10ish. It was a short paragraph to each of us, which meant that he was still online composing his loooonnnnng email to the family. I hopped on and we emailed back and forth a couple of times -like IMing. It was cool. It's kind of weird to think that he is 13 hours ahead. It was Tuesday night. I was in my jammies sitting in my cozy house at night with the cold rain beating on the windows. It was Wednesday morning where he was in a hot internet cafe with hot rain beating down on the windows.

Is this how you imagined the shops in Cambodia?

Wanna check your email from here?

Not quite how I imagine it!

2. I finally dug out the fall decor yesterday. I always forget what I have, so it's fun to lift the lid of those bins and be surprised. I held off on dragging Halloween stuff out and just stuck to Autumn/Fall.

3. Thank heavens it's a short school week here! No school on Friday! I need some sleep. People keep asking me why we don't have school. I don't know! Who cares? We just don't have school.
4. I went to my SIL's house Sunday night and they were making peanut butter cookies. They gave us some. We ate them all. So on Monday, I made some more peanut butter cookies. Then I went and visited some ladies from church and guess what they gave us? Yep - a plate of peanut butter cookies. We ate them too! I think I'm going to go eat the last ones now, befor eth ekids get home from school. I hate sharing!

5. I'm pretty sure that Parker, Garrett and I did ot just have the common cold a couple of weeks ago when we were sick. See our doctor thought we weren't sick enough. But now that a couple of weeks have passed and our house is like the TB ward with all the hacking and coughing and randomly spiking fevers and mid-afternoon aches, I'm here to tell you WE HAD THE SWINE FLU. It's over now. We're alive. We only infected half the school, the grocery store and 3/4 of the church. It's all good.

Happy Wednesday - not Hump day - cuz remember, I don't like that word!


valerie said...

Oh peanut butter cookies. YUM! I think random thoughts should be every day! And how cool that you got to chat with Trammell. :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Quit coughing and feel better so that you'll quit napping and we can go have some fun or go on a Friday Field trip. I miss you!

Raven said...

That's so funny, I finally got out my fall/Halloween stuff out yesterday too! We must be on the same wavelength!

Usually I hate short school weeks, I need the solitude of having my days to myself to be able to deal with life! Since I'm up at 5 am whether or not they have school, the sleeping in doesn't figure in for me.

Those peanut butter cookies look nummy! Someone had chocolate cake on their blog today, so between your cookies and their cake, now I'm hungry. hehe

Have a great day!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I have got to meet you someday. Really there's just no other way to say it. You just make me laugh.

I love the pictures you posted. I love seeing places that are so different. One day I'm going to make it back to Asia and really appreciate it.

Happy "I'm Over The Swine Flu" Thurdsday!

And not sure if you have Monday off but its Yom Kippur. (I doubt I spelle dit right but there you go)

martyeaster said...

Swine Flu! That is awesome. I think instead of buying hundreds of millions of vaccines that we should get everyone into the same room and be done with it. Whatever. Heres a little fun fact for you. In the cases that we have tested to see if it was the swine flu or the regular flu that 95% have come back as the swine flu. It is replacing the regular flu this year. As long as the media doesnt hear about it.