Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't HATE!

It's everyone's favorite day- RANDOM THOUGHT TUESDAY with Keely at The Unmom! When you read about my exciting life, you're going to be terrribly jealous! Try not to HATE me! This weekend, Garrett had 48 consecutive hours off of work. (You can be jealous of him!)
So we decided to head for the hills.

Never mind that most of us were feeling like DEATH! Parker stayed home from school sick on Friday. He and I sat on the couch all day and argued over who felt well enough to go fetch a DVD for us to watch. I won – he had to go get the DVD. I lost – he brought back Tom & Jerry.

Anyway, we figured a change of couches would be good for all of us. We hung out in the condo and played a couple of games, watched TV and just vegged out. The boys went in the hot tub while we lounged around the firepit. We did get in a round of mini golf and managed to down three plates of the famous Blue Moose Cheese Fries.

Are you jealous yet?

I’m doing some major shopping today! Yep, I’m dropping big coin. I’m getting FOUR NEW TIRES for my car. I can hardly wait!!!!! And if that’s not exciting enough, we’re taking Garrett’s car in for new tires too! WooHoo! We’re going to look so cute and hip and stylin with our new tires! Can’t think of anything more fun to purchase. I think I’m going to go for………….black.

You’re jealous! Admit it! I just heard on the morning news that we're (the U.S.) is #2! Switzerland is #1 now because of our recent economic troubles. I want to be #1! I'm officially jealous of Switzerland and their numbered bank accounts, chocolate, time pieces and their #1 status. Give us back our #1!

Are you/your kids watching President Obama’s speech? Whether you chose to “let” your kids watch or not, consider this: It is a sad, sad day when Americans refuse to allow their children to hear the President speak. Back in the day before the integrity of the office was destroyed (I’ll let you decide EXACTLY when that happened, President of the United States was a revered position and demanded the utmost respect. Boys and girls went to bed at night dreaming of someday being the President of the world’s most powerful country. Regardless of politics, all Americans at least had respect for the office. What happened? Don’t answer that!

Guess what I got in the mail Friday?
GOLD! Pure Gold!
Okay, it came in the form of a photo card.
Trammell sent home his photo card with 416 pictures of Cambodia.
He had given us strict instructions NOT to put it in our computer, because evidently it’s been in several virus infected computers all over Cambodia internet cafes.
I did what any excited and responsible person would do – I put it in Costco’s computer.
It only took 40 minutes to burn two DVD’s.

Now you are jealous!!!!


valerie said...

I am soo jealous of your new tires!!! And that you were sick and had to veg out on the couch all day long. Hee Hee. The pics of Trammell look great! I would have done that too. Took them straight to another computer. :)

Kim said...

did you make prints?? too bad you didnt get it before your weekend you could have put them all in a album while sitting on the sofa.

The Crazy Coxes said...

KIM! You are soooooo smart! Darn! I should have made prints and then i could have been productive. Now it will never get done!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Tom and Jerry - I get to read Tom and Jerry's party every night to the Chick. It was my book as a kid, she even sleeps with it.

You are right I am jealous of the tires. But hey I got my car washed yesterday so I guess I got something good.

Costco computers - I'm going to have to remember that one :)

Mary Anne said...

Oooh. I'm jealous of the tires. We just got new brakes, not nearly as stylin' as new tires!

Swoozie said...

New tires just feel so good! Congrats on them and hope everyone feeling better......Have a greta Tuesday!

Big Mama Cass said...

haha Hope you are feeling better. Monkey and I are taking turns on the couch too. However, all I seem to be able to watch is baby shows. Eck. lol

Toni said...

Very jealous of the Cambodia photos though I won't be for long since I'm heading that way hehe

Missty said...

Yeah we did 2 tires for Spencer car this weekend. Boys and cars... never ending money pits! lol

And love the Costco idea! I will remember that one.

Great pics of Trammell! Whoo Hoo! Looks like he is doing great!!!

H.K. said...

I love of the pics of your son in Cambodia, I forgot you had a son who is serving a mission.

I totally agree with you about the President's address to the kids, it is sad when parents pull out their kids from school.

Jennifer said...

Wow. That sounds like a lot of busy for when you're sick.

Now I want new tires.

Thanks for stopping by.

Margaret said...

I'm jealous!!!!! I can't wait to see the photos!

Raven said...

Gotta love new tires. I got some earlier this year and my car drives so smoothly now!

Sounds like you had a great time being sick! Sorry you were sick, but it sounds like a great way to spend the time.

Now I'm very jealous of the Swiss. Their knife is cool too, though why an army would need a corkscrew, I don't know. Does the Swiss Army drink a lot of wine? I guess they've got nothing better to do. lol

What great pics!!

Have a wonderful day!