Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Bonehead Brothers Improvise!

I went down to the basement one morning last week and saw these little pets on the counter.

Me: “Where did these come from?”

Tyler: “Me and Garrett went to the pet store and got betas so we could watch them fight...............
And they’re stupid.
They’re just swimming around.”

No blood and gore for us this weekend!
(They didn’t even buy beta food!?!)


smarkuci said...

ahhh...all the things I have to look forward to! The good news is, fish are on my "I will allow that animal in" list. Whew. I think lizards are the only others to make that list! ---SM

H.K. said...

The Bonehead Brothers are hilarious! You should tell them that our local missionaries tried to do the same thing...with no results! The Beta Fish just swam around the tank.

valerie said...

lol. Um...I'm so not telling my boys about that. They would be all for buying two fishies right away!

Meridith said...

I think we might have food and a real bowl if you need it...or Drew would probably love to adopt them if BHB are through with them.

Patty Edwards said...

Get cats. Takes care of the problem easily.