Friday, September 4, 2009


Last Friday, Margaret, her beautiful daughter, Laura and I went on a little excursion.
We visited FOUR cupcake stores.
On purpose.
Posh Pastries in Parker
I thought I would write a review of our adventures,
But to be honest, even thinking the word “C.U.P.C.A.K.E” makes me a little sick to my stomach.
Can you believe it?
I OD’ed on cupcakes.
Is that possible?

I only ate ½ of three cupcakes.
By the time we reached the fourth store, I could only purchase some to take home to the boys……….who never touched them.
What is wrong with my kids?
Don’t answer that! That is a whole different post.

I was going to review each store, its d├ęcor, ambience, cuteness, flavors, frosting, cake density. But really? Who cares?

So I’ll just show you a few pictures.

Mulberry's on Colfax (skip it - shortening frosting)

And my only advice- cupcakes aren’t meant to be analyzed.
Who cares if it’s made with vanilla bean or vanilla extract?
Who cares if it’s made from scratch or from a mix?
Okay buttercream should be made from BUTTER and not shortening….
But just eat the dang cupcake and enjoy it!
The Shoppe - the BEST!
Mini Red-Velvet from The Shoppe - or what was left.
I couldn't even wait until we got to the car.
If you want to read a real review about the flavors and frostings of these cupcake shops, go see Facts From a Fact Woman for......the facts!

I sure hope I feel up to indugling in cupcakes again soon!
Lovely Confections on Colfax - good
Best sign ever!


Miss. Candy said...

These are so cute and make me hungry!

valerie said...

Those look so yummy! I shouldn't have looked. I'm hungry.

H.K. said...

I wish there were cupcake bakeries where I live! Yumm!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Thanks to your cupcake obsession I am now obsessed with FINDING a place to buy gourmet cupcakes.

You've created a cupcake craving like you would not believe.

Michelle said...

Mmmmm yum. Cupcakes! Nothing can beat Dinkel's though!

And I know what you mean about ODing. I went for brunch and had a FANtastic omelette. I was stuffed. And then I made Little Miss an omelette for lunch and felt sick to my stomach from the smell alone! And no, I didn't eat any lunch today!

Raven said...

I just gained 10 pounds looking at all the pics! Those look delicious!!