Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's Thursday! Yea! It's almost the weekend!
But first, we are going to play along with Kat at

It's time for Writer's Workshop.
Go look at the prompts.

I chose: # 5 -Share some ADVICE with someone who you think needs it.

We’re going to Back to School Night at the High School tonight.
Our high school is the best! Seriously! It ROCKS.
But while the teachers have a little advice for us about how we can help our students succeed this year, I have a little advice for some of them as well……….

Dear Security Guard
You are white.
You are 30 something.
You are not black.
You are not 17.

Quit trying to kiss up to the very thugs you are supposed to be busting.
Did you really just go up to one of the football players and say, “Come on Jameel and let’s find your daddy and see if he’ll give me some money for being his baby’s mama?”

Dear AP Lit Teacher –
I like you.
You’re a really good teacher.

Quite hassling me to put my kid in your class.
Boy #2 passed AP Lang and the college he is going to won’t give him anymore English credit. So he really doesn’t need the brain damage of ANOTHER AP class.

I know! I know!
You went to the National AP Conference this summer (sorry your summer sucked.)
And they have PROOF that seniors who don’t take a billion AP classes don’t do as well in college.

That explains why Boy#1 only got a 3.9 his freshman year.

Dear AP Lang Teacher –
I don’t like you.
Yeah my boys both did well on the AP test.
I still don’t like you.

You’re married.
Flirting with high schoolers and asking teenage girls about what they do with their boyfriends has NOTHING to do with English.
Stick to the subject.

Dear Assistant Principal –
Fire the BAD teacher already.
How many letters do you need in THAT file?
The fact that 45 parents called you and removed their kids from her class BEFORE school started doesn’t say enough?

Dear Spanish Teacher –
I need you to teach my child SPANISH!
That is why he is in your class.

DO NOT tell my kid to watch Al Gore’s movie or “Who Killed the Electric Car” for extra credit (unless you want them to watch it in Spanish).

If you would like to discuss politics everyday,
go teach Political Science.
Your a Spanish teacher.
Teach Spanish.

Well, hopefully everyone will get my notes and we'll have a super year!


Jeanette said...

Perfect! Hope they'll listen (if only you could really give them the message)

valerie said...

lol Great advice! Maybe you should invite them to read your blog. :)

Missty said...

LOL. Oh my gosh so true. Their are so many letters to the schools I would LOVE to send. One more year, not that I am counting or anything.

mikeg said...

good stuff! wish i had the courage to out my kids teachers...

Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

Here from Mama Kats...and thanks for your comments! Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe there are teachers, just like my son's, everywhere! My son goes to a charter high school. The teachers are pretty darned good, though I feel the same way about AP classes! And that security guard...

Erin said...

So I'm thinking homeschooling is a better option for my babies? HAHA I can't believe there are teachers out there like that....scary!

Great advice!

CJ Sime said...

Do you ever wonder how and why teachers choose their career and subject matter? Sometimes it seems like they really should have reconsidered. I'm not bad mouthing the good teachers- I just had way too many teachers who didn't like what they did and really hindered my education.

Andrea said...

Back to school night, ugh. I hate those. Ours is next week but my husband goes back to Germany on Monday and I don't have a zoo keeper yet (you can call them a babysitter if you like but I know what really goes on around here when I'm not home).

I love your advice though. Informative and fun :)