Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When I am looking, I see the Lord’s hand in my life every single day.

The key is not whether He is participating but whether I am LOOKING/paying attention. I see the tender mercies of the Lord, small miracles and even big miracles in my life and the lives of those around me ALL THE TIME.

Sunday, we attended the Vail Branch. There is a miracle right there! It’s a relatively new branch. We have been visiting Beaver Creek for more than 10 years and the closest church is the Frisco Branch turned Ward about 25 minutes away. Brian has been visiting that branch for nearly 30 years.

But now, Vail has its own branch right in Avon. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with these towns, they are all little ski towns 2 hours outside of Denver).

We went to the Vail Branch for the first time this weekend. The building is BEAUTIFUL.
We were greeted by the missionaries. The chapel was packed. About 75% of the congregation was visiting.

The opening song and the opening prayer were in Spanish. One Sacramental prayer was in English and the other was in Spanish. People bore there testimony in English or Spanish and sometimes in both. The missionaries translated the Spanish into English and the English in Spanish.

It was wonderful. It was church. The miracle is 1) the people in that area have their very own branch to attend 2) the people get to attend a meeting in their own language 3) the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same wherever you attend and 4) the Spirit speaks the same language to everyone.

It was beautiful!


H.K. said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Your post is reminding me that you don't have to look far to see miracles!

Kirsten said...

Ah, yes! I attended that ward in June! It was TOO FUN! I loved that there were so many people and the two languages! And, it is a beautiful area as well!

Stephdeezy said...

Oh my goodness I so needed to read this just now! I love attending the branch in Avon every chance I can get. It is amazing and for me it has always fallen on a fast sunday and it makes it SO special. I love that you shared this. It reminded me of something special which today I needed. Love ya Gina!