Monday, September 28, 2009


Letter writing is a lost art. No one writes letters anymore.
This weekend, I found the time to compose a few letters:

Dear Blogger:

Why do you sometimes work and sometimes not?

I hate it when you just decide not to let me space out.
Sometimes I hit my "enter" and nothing happens.
Sometimes when I hit my "enter" key it looks so pretty on my blog, but then when I hit "publish," you just do whatever you want and all the lines are smooshed together.

I think there is a conspiracy going on here! <- See right here, you won't let me pick the font!

PS: Sometimes your "step by step" instructions just take me step by step to CRAZY!

Dear AT&T

Why do you sometimes work and sometimes not?

I'm not fooled!
You don't really increase/improve your coverage.

You just move your "drop zones" around.
Yeah, that one corner in our neighborhood where all the cars would stop to finish their conversations, because they knew that if they went around it, the call would drop? So we can go around the corner now. Thanks! It's fixed.

But now there is one whole street that we can't drive down and talk.

It's the Twilight Zone! Yeah, you can't make, take or continue conversations while driving down that street.

Really? Do you just rotate the drop zones?

Dear LG Phones:

Why do you sometimes work and sometimes not?

I had an LG phone. I liked it. I knew how to use it. Best of all, it was pink.
Remember when we emptied the hot tub and I was cleaning it with 2 inches of water still in it? And I slipped and fell? Yeah, 2 seconds in 2 inches of water destroyed my phone.

So I bought a new LG phone.

Cool! Transistion from old LG to new LG - what's to learn?
Why can't you be consistent?

Why must I go through 30,000 steps to send a simple text message?
Is it me? Or is it you?

Which one of us is stupid?
I'm pretty sure it's you guys!

Dear Windows 7:

I sure hope you work!

I'm not technologically inclined.
I love what I have been using - Windows 1.0 or Windows: Prehistoric.
Hey - I like what I know!

My tech guy just hooked up my new computer.
He says my new computer is really fast - even by the world's standards.

What's he saying? My standards are lower than the world's?

Anyway, he did me a "favor."
Everyone else has to wait until October 22, but he loaded Windows 7 on my computer.

He spent quite a bit of time showing me stuff I can't remember.
And he said this program is way different than what I am used to.

What's he saying? That I won't catch on?
Why can't things stay the same?


TheSingleGirl said...

I was thinking about Blogger the other night and how things looks all pretty and centered and nice in the preview and then they're a mess when I publish.

Tell Blogger that placing pictures in a blog COULD be easier, too. Hmph.

AT&T...fewest dropped calls my ASH. ;p

My man has an LG phone. The View. Or the 'VU'. I was trying to go through it (don't ask) and it was very complicated. Do not like.

valerie said...

I totally hear ya on the blogger thing. It NEVER let's me set the font. I always have to go back and fix it after I've written. Grrr...

Guymons said...

all of what you wrote---SO TRUE!!!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Blogger - sucks, I most definitely agree.

Drop zones - T-mobil isn't much better. Depending where I am in my house I lose my husband when he calls me. I've taken to standing on one foot halfway betweent eh dining room and the kitchen. That seems to be working great!

I have the option to upgrade to windows 7 for free. I didn't even want windows vista. I'm terrified to upload it for fear all my work stuff will go poof! It's windows - it could happen.

I'll wait and see how you do...

Amy Pickledpigsfeet said...

I write letters! It gives me something to do with my time instead of waiting on hold I can send a handwritten note to the corporate office of whatever company that I'm wanting to complain about or praise.

I also write letters to my penpals, send cards to random people and sometimes just pick an address out of the phone book to send a "Thinking of you" card to. Yeah the last one is kind of creepy but I like getting mail that isn't bills, so I figure others do too.