Friday, February 26, 2010

The Almost Sugarless FRIDAY FIELD TRIP

We haven't been on a Field Trip forever!

But today's field trip was pretty much doomed from the start.

1) I got up at 0 dark 30.
2) I've had a long week
and the worst of all - our field trip was to someplace healthy.

Margaret decided to drag me to the GRAND OPENING of a new Sprouts Farmer's Market.  (She's much more reasonable than I if you want the real scoop, head on over to her place -Facts from a Fact Woman
We left at 8 am, thinking that the store probably opened at 8.
After listening to me whine the whole way there, we pulled in the PACKED parking lot.
Evidently, everyone is dying for some gluten-free, MSG free, salt free, fun free products.

After we negotiated the parking lot, we headed into the store.

I knew it was going to be okay when we walked through the first doors and I was greeted by a huge Cheese Curl display.
And then, we grabbed out ridiculously mini carts and entered the main store where -
a chorus of angels sang,
the bakery department was immediately on my left,
AND two people approached me offering............
Cookies and Muffins!
Suddenly, this field trip was looking up.
Margaret proceeded to the meat counter.
I went to the large Hansen's display to find Mandarin Lime Soda.
Margaret went to the produce department.
I went to the chip aisle.
Margaret went to the bulk food department and extolled the virtues of ridiculously low priced dry apricots while I picked through gummy worms, bears and double dipped chocolate covered peanuts for just $1.99.

When we got to the check out, they were giving away free reusable bags and tubes of cherry chapstick.
And I wasn't nearly as cranky on the way home.

So all in all, it was a pretty good field trip.
Now, if the muffin would have had would have been awesome.


Missty said...

I love Sprouts! It was Tylers first job. He was so excited, they hired him to work in the meat dept. not even as a box boy. Love all the food there!! Enjoy it! And you can't beat the bulk stuff - fun!!

Ginny Marie said...

Oh, I am jealous! It sounds like a fantastic store! I definitely would have helped myself to a cookie AND a muffin!

Big Mama Cass said...

One thing that I miss TERRIBLY from home is the farmers markets!! We don't have anything like that here. Just getting fresh produce is a crapshoot. Let alone hoping for organic or healthy ANYTHING. :( I envy you. Lots

H.K. said...

Gummy worms is a fruit because it has fruity flavors...oh who am I kidding. Sounds like I would have picked up the same grocery items as you!

Stephdeezy said...

Ooh fieldtrips are so much fun! I took one today too! Those silly muffins totally should have had frosting!

Raven said...

Sounds like a fun field trip. We have a Natural Foods store by us and it's my favorite place to shop, though it's a bit expensive for me so I don't shop there a lot.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrsbear said...

Free stuff makes everything better. Woo hoo for muffins and chapstick.

Tracie said...

I would have been in the same aisles with you. I'm so jealous of people who have choices in grocery stores. We have Kroegar or WalMart. That's it.

Monica said...

Thanks for mentioning Hansen's Soda! Let us know if we can do anything for you in the future. monica at