Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Bother Me! I'm Trying to Hook Up with Taylor Swift

What?  It's Tuesday?
I can't talk.
I'm online right now trying to get tickets to tonight's concert -
Go on over to Keely's at The Un Mom and link up.
She's the Queen of Random.  I'm only a princess

*In the last couple of weeks, several people have tried to GIVE me hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I keep getting emails from super nice people in foreign countries - not Nigeria, legit countries.
They've been ill and for some reason have NO one to pass thier money on to.
They've checked me out and the KNOW that I will put the money to good use buying bakery items and travelling the world and give it to people who really need it.
Their solicitors, attorneys, lawyers, representatives - whatever they are called in these foreign countries - will be contacting me soon so that we can complete the transactions.
Luckily, in checking me out, these generous people haven't read my blog.
If they had, they would know that I hate to share.

*When the Bonehead Brothers talk, we listen...........and then we laugh.
Brian: "Garrett, your college just added some new majors."  He then listed three new majors.
Garrett: "Do they have a major where you learn to make robots?  Because I would love to make robots! Unless the major is Mechanical Engineering and then I don't really want to make robots."

*To pacify Garrett,
we had Easter Steak for dinner Monday night.
He was a good sport and went along with the Easter Ham on Sunday, even though what he really wanted was Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken or just a plain ole steak.

I didn't have a donut or even a cupcake for breakfast.
Pick yourself up off the floor!
I had homemade Berry Shortcake.
Leftover Easter Dessert.

*Having been inspired this weekend by all of the wonderful talks at General Conference,
I decided to re-read the Book of Mormon again.
I've ready it many times.
BUT not since Christmas.
Brian gave me a new set of scriptures at Christmas, which I both love and don't love.
I love the new scriptures because all the pages are attached to the binding.  The pages aren't ripped and the cover and pages aren't water stained.  My old scriptures were THRASHED.
I don't love the new scriptures because my favorite passages aren't marked.  They aren't covered with hand written notes and sticky notes and quotes.
It will take awhile to make these new scriptures "mine."

Well you all have a super Tuesday!


Raven said...

Wow, I have tons of people wanting to give me all kinds of money too! All they are waiting for is all my bank info and ssn! What little to give in return for so much money! lol

Mmmmm berry shortcake. Now that's breakfast!

I hope you enjoy your new scriptures!

I am Harriet said...

I've received all kinds of money despite the fact that my name is "madame" or "sir".

Have a great Tuesday!

Mama Badger said...

Do a google search for "Merry Swiftmas" and tell me you don't love that boy. Avril is a fool.

And when they send those funds? I've started a "Mama Badger needs new shoes" fund that is in need of donations.

AshleyRaDawn said...

I dont have a fund but I could sure use some of that money if you ever decide to change your mind and all of the sudden looove sharing. haha
Happy Tuesday!!

Mrsbear said...

It must be a common problem for rich princes in foreign countries, they have such difficulty manipulating their scads of cash around. Go figure.

I like your idea of breakfast. :)

Amy said...

He could always become an Electrical Engineer! Michael & his friend D are forever working on robots. Their dream is to some day start a company that would allow them to build cool robots all day everyday.

Anonymous said...

Ha! As a former Mechanical Engineering major, I support Garrett's wise stance :-D

otin said...

Oh, you are getting all that free money thrown at you, also? LOL

I think that they should have a college course on pizza eating! I would have earned my degree ten time over!

Thanks for stopping by, I have not been blogging all that much, lately!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Berry shortcake for breakfast? Can I live vicariously through you if only for the mornings?

Elle Em En said...

I suddenly want berry shortcake! Sounds super yummy.