Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sugar High

Easter weekend was spectacular.
It couldn't have been better.
The boys returned home from Florida tan and bruised.
They had a great time.

Saturday and Sunday, we hung out and watched General Conference.
All the talks were fabulous and even though I took notes, I can't wait to "see" them in print and review them.
Sunday morning the boys went on their traditional "half naked" Easter Egg hunt.
It's just too exciting to put on a shirt or comb their hair......much less brush their teeth.
The rule is always, "You get ONE of everything.  So if you find one gold egg and see another, leave it for your brother."
It usually works pretty well.

Except, this year, I purchased two mini kites.  One was Spiderman.  One was Cinderella.
Which one do you think everyone wanted?
Garrett: "Dude, seriously, give me the Cinderella kite."
Parker: "No man, you can have Spiderman."
Garrett: "Come on.  You know mom bought the Cinderella kite for me."
Parker: "Dude, just have the Spiderman kite."
Me: "Boys, there are two kites in the princess kite package.  There's Cinderella and Snow White."
Garrett: "See!  So give me the Cinderella kite."
Parker: "No way dude.  You can have the Snow White one."
Garrett: "I don't want Snow White."
Me: "Why not?"
Garrett: "Snow White is ugly!  I want Cinderella."

Really?  Are they even going to fly these kites?
Parker organized what he hasn't eaten in the first hour.
Then he organized Garrett's.

I received a basket full of See's candy which in true Christ-like fashion, I refused to share with anybody.  (They had their own candy!)

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday full of inspirational talks, time to reflect on Christ and the Atonement and Resurrection, Family, Candy, and Good Food!
I'm just coming out of my food induced coma.


Javan said...

LOL! Garrett loves those blond girls...

Messy Mommy said...

Oh that's great. I ate enough sugar this weekend to last the rest of the year.

Adrienne said...

lol i am laughing at the cinderella kite...boys

McMom said...

The candy organizing really struck a chord with me.