Friday, April 30, 2010

Boooo! for Friday!!!!

It's Friday and I should be thrilled.
What's not to be thrilled about?
It's time for

Go on over to Half-Past Kissin' Time and see Mrs. 4444's

* I'm not here.
I'm on a romantic get-away with my husband.

Okay, I'm not.
I'm an hour from Rawlins, Wyoming getting trained on how to organize a 30 mile Pioneer Trek for 350 teenagers.  Part of the training includes a 5 mile handcart push/pull.  Just an FYI, it's supposed to be snowy with a high of 41 today and tomorrow.
Go ahead.
Be jealous.

* As if taking a 5 mile trek isn't fun enough,
I'm missing Senior Night.
It's Garrett's LAST lacrosse game of his life.
The seniors escort their parents on the field, present them with a flower, and give them a hug while the announcer says nice things about the boys.
After 8 years of driving Garrett to practice and attending 100's of games in sun, rain, wind, sleet, snow and hail, I AM MISSING SENIOR NIGHT.
Oh well, there will be others.
Oh wait.
There won't

* I woke up yesterday my office windows were streaked with dirty splatters.
I was ready to blame Brian because he was outside my office messing with the sprinklers the day before.
Yeah - it's his fault.
But then I noticed dirty streaks on lots of windows. did rain during the night.
But all that dirt?
Later, while running errands, I saw entire cars coated with dirt.
Do you think it's volcano debris?
Do you think the clouds were full of ash?

Margaret MADE me watch Glee the other night.
Well, she didn't  "make" me but she lured me over with cupcakes.
Way, way, too much singing and estrogen for me.
But now, I'm kind of glad that I did because

= True Love.

According to someone around here


clew said...

LOL ... you crack me up with the photo and "+" stuff :)

Awww, sorry about senior night. I missed my son's soccer game last weekend for the first time and felt so bad ... and he's only 6! I guess it could be worse though. Sorry, that's probably not helping you feel better ...

Visiting from FriFrags - have a great weekend!

Missty said...

Enjoy your trek. Just not one to get into those. You will NEVER see me doing the pioneer get ups. ever. lol I really think its hokey. But hey every ward seems to do them, and do them, and do them. lol So lots like them.

And bummer about missing senior night - you should of sent Brian on his own! LOL

McMom said...
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McMom said...

My husband's car was sitting at DIA all week and he came home with the muddy streaks too! That stinks you have to miss Senior night. I mean, I know the pioneers had to sacrifice back in the day, but this is 2010!

Mama Badger said...

He should write his own song to her! Steal her away from that boy.