Friday, April 9, 2010

What Happens When 99 Lbs Meets 225 Lbs Head-On

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* This is my 401st post.  How did I not notice that 400 was coming up?  We could have had a give-away.  Oops, missed it!  Besides, if I had anything cool to give away, I'd keep it.  Remember!  I hate to share.

* Yesterday at Parker's lacrosse game, he got plowed into over.  Unfortunately, it was by the other team's biggest guy.  In a crash between a 99 pounder and a 225 pounder, guess who wins?  Not Parker.  The game was stopped for several minutes until Parker could the field.  So he was out for the game.  The other team was evidently quite disappointed.  I heard their coach go up to our coach after the game and say, "We're really sorry.  That was too bad.  We even had a special defense worked out just to defend against that kid.  We're sorry we never got to use it."

* Whenver you have an injury of that nature, I think it's importan to get immediate medial attention a Big Mac.  As they were eating, I heard this -
Garrett: "Dude, which wrist is hurt?"
Parker: "My right one."
Garrett: "Wow, that sucks!"
Parker: "I know! It's my gaming hand."

 * Parker went to school limping around and holding his right arm up close to his body. His wrist might be broken.  I think I'll text him and see.

*UPDATE!  I called Parker and told him that when he gets out of school at 1:00, I will pick him up and take him for an X-ray.
His response: "I can't.  I have to go to Panda Express."
He's obviously DYING.

* For some reason, I kind of doubt he will play in tonight's game.

* On a lighter, happier note - You will never believe it but the Cupcake Gods have heard my pleas!
This is coming to town on April 13th-
Most people just wait for it to come to them.  That's not a chance I'm willing to take.  I'm going to go ahead and just follow it. 

* In preparation for our trip, I'm reading up on Cambodia.
I am never quite sure if I should laugh or cry.
Under the Health & Emergencies" section
" If you become seriously ill or sustain injuries in a traffic accident, then have yourself evacuated as quickly as possible to Bangkok or Singapore. For less serious injuries, visit International SOS.  This clinic has a dentist and can assist with evacuation."  Wait.  What?  How is a dentist going to help me?  And the clinic is only really useful to "assist" with evacuation?

" Note that ambulances may or may not show up if you have an accident.  And the emergency numbers often go unanswered."

Brian looked at me after I read this to him and said, "And we're letting our son ride a bike over there?"
No, actually, he's driving a car now.

* Garrett turned in a research paper today on how advertisers specifically target teenage girls to sell, not just products but image.  Garrett is pretty passionate about the subject.  His assertion is that the advertising makes the girls believe that by purchasing the product, they are actually going to become the pretty girl in the picture and achieve instant popularity and an exciting lifestyle.  As a result, he says, girls wear "skanky" clothes to get attention, they lower their morals, engage in risky behavior, and worry more about their outward appearance than developing inner beauty and thus end up with nothing but low self esteem.  There ya have it - straight from an 18 year old boy.

* Thank heavens it's Friday.  I'm exhausted.  For no reason.  I kind of feel like I got run over by a 225 pound lacrosse player - except that nothing's broken.
* Well, aside from the lacrosse games and maybe getting a cast, we have a pretty quiet weekend planned.
Have a great one!


Melissa said...

I hope Garrett's teacher lets him present that paper in class. Girls need to hear that from a boy.

CaJoh said...

Congratulations on 401. I'm getting really close to 300. I'm thinking of having 300 things that my wife and I share. I even got her thinking too. Hopefully it should be good.

Sure hope that Parker can get back in the game soon. It sounds like he's a key player on the team (or at least the toughest).

It's a shame that advertising does that to people's psyche… especially defenseless children.

Have a great weekend,

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Glad your son is ok- I remember the sporting days!

Visiting from Friday Frags

DysFUNctional Mom said...

A cupcake truck??? I would chase that thing down like a dog!!
I'm glad he's ok after that collision!