Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surgery Pain, 3 Hours of Awards, & a 5 Mile Hike in the Snow....What's NOT to Love!

I LOVE my life.
It's smooth.
It's easy.
It runs like a well oiled machine.
AND it's always GLAMOROUS!

At least it's Tuesday.  I get to be glamorous AND random!
Go see Keely at The UnMom.
She started the whole random thing.

And her life is pretty glamorous too!

* Speaking of glamorous -
Garrett's recovery from surgery is progressing.
We went from apples, to avocados to limes.
It's all good!
He's back at school - except for weightlifting.

That hurts just to think about - and I don't even have man bits.
He's off the percocet.
He takes ibuprofen every four hours, when he remembers, or when he can't ride out the tide of pain.
I'd try to remember if I were him!
Thanks for all of the well wishes!

* What are the symptoms of Spring Fever?
If it involves going back to bed for a few more days hours
and getting up and doing nothing,
I think I have it.........or not.
I think I have my seasons mixed up.
I just want it to snow 2-3 feet so I can hibernate.
Probably not going to happen.

* Oh wait.
It IS going to snow!
Yep, Brian and I are going to Wyoming Friday and Saturday.
Told you my life was glamorous!
We're going to be "trained" so we can plan next summer's
30 mile pioneer trek.
We GET to go on a 5 mile hike while pulling/pushing a handcart and wait..........it's supposed to SNOW!
It doesn't get more GLAMOROUS than this!
Seriously, who doesn't want to trade lives with me?
I go from one weekend of icing someone's manhood to
a weekend of pulling a handcart in snow.
Isn't hell supposed to start AFTER you die?

* Senior Award Night was last night.
Garrett requested that none of us go.
So we all dressed up, pulled out the camera and traipsed along.
He was positive that 1) the invitation was sent to the wrong house
or 2) he was getting the "most improved."
He received the Wolf Award.

It's an award that goes to students who make a positive contribution to the school and make the school a better place.
It's one of my favorite awards because it goes to students who reach outside of themselves and achieve something for the greater good.
Way to go Garrett!

* Speaking of awards,
The Department of Children and Family Services comes for me today
and it won't be to give me the "Mom of the Year" trophy

Unfortunately, the amnesia drug in Garrett's anesthesia worked in reverse.
He seems to remember EVERYTHING in technicolor!
I asked if he remembered ANY thing that he said while in recovery.

He remembered EVERY WORD!
He remembers EVERYTHING!
That means he also remembers coming home from the hospital and crawling on his hands and knees, dragging his head and crying across the slate floor in the laundry room, onto the wood floor into the kitchen and into the family room.
Yeah, he crawled from the car to the couch.

I was hoping a dose of the amnesia drug would erase that blip in parenting.
Now, we're going to have to spend good money on a psychologist!
If it wasn't for this ONE incident,
I would be Mother of the Century.

* To acknowledge Garrett's abuse award, Brian and I wanted to get him a little treat.
The way to this boy's heart is through his wings!
I stopped by Wing Stop to pick up a gift card.
Boy, are they idiots!
No gift cards, no service.
She nonchalantly went through the safe and both cash registers, shuffled papers on the counter and pronounced, "I guess we don't have any gift cards."
What was I expecting?  Brains?
It's a WING place!
My bad!

* Saturday, someone brought me a yummy sugar cookie!
I love them!
Sunday, someone brought over a plate of  chocolate chip cookies!
I love them!
Last night at 10:00, someone brought me a sugar cookie!
I love them!
I love a lot of cookies people!

Well, I'm off to enjoy some cookies for breakfast.
Go get your random on!


I am Harriet said...

Wow...that's a lot of random. Glad you got a yummy cookie :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Mama Badger said...

Yup, you deserve those cookies. Your weekend wasn't so much random as hellish. Who knew boy bits required so much care?

Laufa said...

MMM, cookies for breakfast!! Poor Garrett, hope he heals fast. Congrats Wolf man! Snow, it's Spring...you have to wait another 6 months to hibernate.
Good luck with DCFS or were you joking?
Happy RTT!

Melissa said...

I just made a bunch of glazed doughnuts and I don't even know why. I don't like doughnuts. Do you want to come get some?

McMom said...

I spent a good deal of my life living in Wyoming, just a few hours from Martin's Cove, and I just wanted to assure you that no, hell does not necessarily happen AFTER you die. But, I predict that you will still have a great experience there...the kind of experience you appreciate in hindsight.

Captain Dumbass said...

Icing the man bits and Wyoming. You live an exotic life.

H.K. said...

I'm glad to hear that Garrett's recovery went well and that he's already in school, that is a quick recovery. And congratulation on his award, what an awesome accomplishment!

Raven said...

Glad to hear Garret is recovering!

Enjoy your training! I hope it's not too hellish for you. :-)

I think you're still Mom of the Century!!

Have a great day, and save me some cookies please!

Keely said...

Mmmm, cookies. Poor Garrett!