Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank Heavens for Princess Ice Packs!

Remember how yesterday, I said that it had been a long week and it was only Tuesday?
Well it's only Wednesday and the week has turned out of control CRaZY!

Buckle your seatbelt.
Hold on tight.
Yesterday was a packed but brilliantly planned out day.
8:30 Parker - Orthodontist
10:30 Garrett - Urologist
1:00 - Go to church and set up for the Teacher Appreciation Dinner
3:00 - Pick up Parker and take him to the church to finish setting up
6:00 - Take Garrett and Brian and meet Garrett's teacher at the dinner and have a nice, relaxing night honoring her.

What really happened -
Things were going swimmingly until we were at the Urologist and the doctor said -
"If you were my son, I'd schedule the surgery for tomorrow."

I knew what he meant was "Don't dawdle.  When you go out to the receptionist to check out, schedule surgery in the next few weeks."

But I figured out what he really meant when he threw open the door of the exam room and yelled,
"Kristin, get Matthew Cox on the surgery schedule for tomorrow."
(Don't get confused - Matthew IS Garrett)

Tomorrow?  Wait.  What?

A minute later, Kristin was right there in the exam room handing us pre-op instructions and telling us that surgery was scheduled for 2:15 today and to be at the hospital at 12:45. and don't have anything solid to eat after 6:15 in the morning.

My head was spinning.
The rest of the day just kind of went wacky.

But it's all calm now.
I KNEW the Sleeping Beauty Ice Pack that I bought Garrett the other day would come in handy!
I'm warming up or rather, freezing it right now!

Garrett's at school for his last classes of the week.
And then we're off to surgery!


valerie said...

Good luck Gina and hope is feeling better soon!

Don and Kelley said...

Good luck! I love the princess ice pack!!! I will have to invest in a few of those.

Guymons said...

wow, that would make MY head spin, but you are good at handling all that's thrown at you...see how prepared you were with the ice pack???? Now you don't have to run to the store to buy one. Hope you have some cupcakes or donuts on hand, too. And some Chinese food for eat AFTER the surgery.

Mama Badger said...

Wow, that was a turn of events. Uhm, did you end up making the dinner, in the end, though?

Good luck with the surgery today. We'll be thinking of you.

Steph said...

Good luck today! And I love the ice pack.

Lewis Family said...

Wow! Hope everything goes well! I had a similiar experience today. Took Eva to the ENT and she will have surgery on Friday. Just ear tubes though. No ice packs needed. ~Emily

Stephdeezy said...

I want that ice pack! So's certain to make his recovery all that much better.

Small Town Mommy said...

Good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes well.

H.K. said...

I'm sure the Princess ice pack will speed up the healing process. Keep us updated with Garrett progress!