Monday, August 23, 2010


I LOVE seasons and I LOVE change!
So just as I enjoy the freedom of summer, the lack of schedules, no commitments, no homework, no appointments etc, I look forward to September and Back to School!

I like to get back into a schedule and back into a routine.

I love the excitement of a year of possibilities.....
new classes, new teachers, new friends, new adventures.......
and I'm not even in school!

Today and each Monday for three weeks is the FIRST day of school for someone in my house.

Today was Tiny Baby's first day of school - junior year that is.
Can you call someone Tiny Baby when they are a junior?

We used to do "First Day of School Pictures" BEFORE school.
Now that people leave for school at 6:40, we're taking "First Day of School Pictures" AFTER school.

Next Monday is Trammell's first day of school.
And the following Monday is the first day of school for Garrett.
Let the games begin!

Plusses and Minuses of Everyone Going to School
+ Everyone will pack up their 2 million pairs of shoes and get the heck out of here.
- Everyone will pack up their 2 million pairs of shoes and not come home at the end of the day.

+ The house will be much more quiet and I won't have to wait up for people to get home.
- The house will be much more quiet.

+ There will only be one child at home and he knows how to cook.
+ There will be less laundry.
+ I can put things away and they will stay put away.
+ There will be pure silence around the house for 10 hours a day.

-There will not be complete mayhem around the house (Wait. Is that a + or -?  I can't decide.)
- I will have NOTHING to blog about.
- I will have no one to entertain me.

Hmmm.........maybe I don't like change.


Mama Badger said...

Well, it's up to Parker to keep the house alive for you. Big shoes he has to fill, there.

Don't get sad yet. You have two more weeks to enjoy your boys.

Dawn said...

I have no frame of reference to sympathize though I suddenly have empathy for what my mom went through all those years ago, waving us all out the door while we blithely tripped along to school likely never knowing the emptiness and loneliness she felt.

I'm already dreading this which is ridiculous because 1) Noelle doesn't start kindergarten for another 2 years and 2) I work full time so it's not like I'm missing anything that I don't already miss. That was pretty convoluted but the strep throat is preventing me from making any sense so I'll just close with 'hugs'.

Andrea said...

You gotta get Tiny Baby to get into more trouble or something...I don't know. It's my first day with both kids gone and I'm in PURE HEAVEN!

Enjoy them while they are still around. I'm sure they'll be extra negligent this week just for you ;)

Raven said...

I am counting each day till back to school with baited breath. Entertaining my Midget is going to be the death of me. I love her dearly but she has to go back to school!!!