Friday, August 13, 2010


Yea for Friday!!!!
Friday is the best!!!!
Want to make your Friday better?
Go on over to Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time
and defrag!

* I'm reading a fun novel about food and cooking and eating.

The only thing better than reading about food is EATING food while reading about food.
It got me thinking............about food.
I love thinking about food.

Today -my three favorite foods would have to be -
Butter - what? did you think it was JUST an ingredient?
and Cupcakes.

* Trammell is working furiously to get his own non profit set up before school starts. Who wants to help fill out the papers for the IRS? He did spend 45 minutes on the phone with a VERY HELPFUL IRS agent yesterday. Hmmm...I thought that was an oxymoron - help IRS agent.

* New rule in our house:
EVERYONE has to be up and moving and doing something productive by 8 am.
This rule was aimed at the youngest two who have been living on Vampire Time.
This morning, everyone was up and eating breakfast by 8 am.

Right now, I hear snoring coming from the family room couch.
NEWER RULE: Everyone has to be up by 8 am and STAY UP!

* Should I set Trammell up on a blind date?
He's been home from his mission for two weeks.

* I'm ready for Fall,
but I'm not ready for school to start.

* Garrett got it in his head that he "needed" this -

and he also set up a calligraphy lesson for Monday.
Now, we are finding random notes around the house -
He makes me shake my head on a daily basis.

* Do you think the police would be suspicious if Garrett died of crib death?
Is 18 too old?

Just wondering.

* On the not so great side -
Remember when we went to Cambodia
and Parker did his Eagle Project?
He gave glasses to Sorong who is 11 and wants to become a doctor.

We just found out that she contracted polio and had to leave the orphanage to live with her grandmother.  We are so sad and disappointed.  It's amazing the connection you can make with someone in just one meeting.

Not to end on a depressing note.
But it does make you think!
Happy, Happy Weekending!


Mama Badger said...

I like your top 3 food. And no, don't set him up on a blind date. He's only been home two weeks, and it sounds like he's been working on a project. He'll get to dating when his mind turns in that direction.

Why do the boys have to be awake? If I could sleep all day, I would. They'll have to deal with school soon enough, and then with jobs and life. Let them enjoy it while it lasts!

CaJoh said...

Don't know why I am reminded of a story I hear about someone who died and left behind his rancid butter collection. It may have been sculptures or something, but all the same who hangs on to butter for that long.

Must admit I LOVE Bacon and Butter, sometimes I use bacon fat to cook with instead of butter (gives it that smokey flavor) Yum!

StephieMae said...

You should for real set up Tram on a date...I was talking to him about this - the whole dating thing and he said He's scared to even think about it. Trammel - Scared? Of DATING?! What in the world. Just do it!

Caution Flag said...

I could be your new BFF with those food loves. Oh, glory. I love them, too.

I don't know your boy, but I love blind dates. Set him up and write all about it :)

Megan said...

Love cooking and eating and reading, too.

LOL @ the calligraphy notes.

Sorry about the little girl that got polio. Sad!

Happy Friday!

Raven said...

No blind dates! Ever! Blind dates are horrible torture inflicted upon children by their parents and friends. (Can you tell I've never had any luck with blind dates?)

My Midget would kill me (literally) if I made her get up at 8 in the summer. She lives on vampire time in the summer too, but having summers off doesn't last long so I let her enjoy it. She'll have plenty of days when she has to get up and be productive as an adult.

I'm ready for Fall too, but not school at all!

That's so sad about that girl in Cambodia. There is so much suffering in the world, it just breaks your heart.

TRICIA said...

just found your blog-fun! i about died laughing about your 18 year old dying of crib death! so wrong-yet so funny!

also with your favorite food list-you should check out my friends yummy food blog she is a lover of butter and all things yummy!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Mmmm, bacon bacon bacon! I ate a lot of bacon this weekend and tried a new recipe that involved BACON. YUM!
One of my friends just said to me today, "your facebook status updates are always about food and they make me hungry!!!" LOL

H.K. said...

What a great Eagle project that Parker did- I loved the looks on the faces of the kids, they're priceless! I hope the little girl Sarong is doing okay, I read about her situation and realize how my trials seem so small, it keeps everything in perspective.