Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skanky Salad, Furry Faces and a Patchwork Shirt

Normally, I LOVE Tuesday!
I'm all sunshiney and happy and............RaNDoM
but today is overcast and gloomy and Trammell just pulled out of the driveway for college.
I didn't even get a picture of the loaded down car!

I'm feeling a little like Eyeore!
I'm sure I'll feel all better after a couple of cupcakes and coke and a visit to The Un Mom.
Keely knows where it's at and she lets us get all RaNDoM and everything. (Oh and she's redone her blog!)

So.........on with the show!

* Garrett and I had lunch at Chipotle yesterday.
Listen in-
G- "How's your salad?  It doesn't look like it has very much salad dressing."
Me: "No it's fine.  It's just buried under everything else."
G: "I don't like skanky salads."
Me: "Skanky salads"
G: "Yeah - ones that don't have enough dressing. 
I like my salads like my girls - dressed from head to toe."

* What kind of family is this?

Overheard last night -
Parker: "Dad, I got a new razor today!"
Dad: "You got anew razor?  Do you even need a razor?"
P: "Not really....(laughing).......It's for in case my face gets furry."

Dad: "Well........do you know how to use it?
P: "No."
Dad: "Okay.......well...........don't cut yourself."

We do our best to make puberty EASY!

* Yesterday was the first day of school.
Today was the first day of seminary. (early morning scripture study)
Here's Parker, bright eyed and bushy tailed,
having a delicious, nutrious breakfast just prior to our 5:45 departure!
I am such a good mom!

* It has been awesome to have all three boys home the last three weeks -
except for the 20 pairs of shoes piled in the laundry room.
We've had some great family time and a lot of laughs.

Well........there was one battle.
Over a shirt.
Trammell claims it was his shirt pre-mission.
Garrett claims that it doesn't matter who owned it previously, it's his now.
After listening to some heated debate,
I said nothing.
I got on the computer to search for a new one.
I don't blame them.  It is a cool shirt - in a gay sort of way.

I'll just get another Ralph Lauren Patchwork Shirt online - like at Ebay or something.

Evidently, it's now "valuable" and "rare."
And you can't get another one............at any price.

I told them I would be happy to cut it in half and they could each have half.
Who would even notice?  How do they think it got to be patchwork to begin with?

* After replacing 1/2 of Trammell's wardrobe, taking him shopping for apartment stuff, buying him a laptop and paying his tuition, I thought it would be nice to give him a "going away" present for school.

We have a family tradition around here.
We love to make a big ole bowl of popcorn and sit around and watch movies or TV shows together.
And because I am green, politically correct and nutritionally minded...........
we threw away our air popper.
We only eat popcorn popped in buttery movie style grease with a stick of butter melted on top.
So........to enusre a heart attack carry on the tradition,
I sent him to school with this -
Oh yeah - I am even sending the bottle of buttery goodness!

Brian thought it was a little silly that I was giving Trammell a new one.  He thought I should gift the new popper to myself and have Trammell take our old one.

Well, that's it!
That's all I got!
That and one more sleeping child who needs to get up and start packing for his college departure!
Have  great Tuesday!


Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I hate skanky salads and girls too. That is the best popcorn popper in the world. I love the one you gave us!! We're off to Cali. Pray I don't kill us by crying as we drive.

valerie said...

lol about the skanky salad and girls. Happy tuesday!

Lauren Billat said...

I think I saw some fuzz on Parker's face in the seminary picture. He got that razor just in time.

Rebecca Billat

Andrea said...

Well, at least Garrett didn't say he liked them neked! That made me laugh sooo long...I forgot I had to get Chick off the bus! :)

Guymons said...

Is that a CUPCAKE he is eating before seminary? I made William a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich so he could eat and drive, he was running late because today is Bow Tie Tuesday in his econ class and he couldn't find his good button up shirt. I had to fold all the laundry to try and find it and we did find it afterwards, it was in the CLOSET! Right where it was supposed to be! *I should have taken a picture of him in the bow tie!!!! Wonder if he will wear it every tuesday???

Angel said...

Skanky Salads, *giggles* oh I am using that one! I would have kept the new one lol, but then I've never had popcorn that wasn't in a bag in the microwave! That shirt is great! lol

Danelle said...

You're like Solomon in the Bible when he was going to cut the baby in half, except with a shirt!

Julianna said...

Hey, cupcake breakfast just ensures he'll be awake and attentive all day... right? That's the story I'm sticking with anyway. -J

Rachael said...

I'm on my 3rd one of those popcorn poppers. I'm a complete popcorn addict!

Stef said...

Love it. My sisters took over my tape collection while I was on my mission and I haven't seen it since. Good luck with that reclaiming.

Laufa said...

MMM, cupcakes!
Trammell will either be the most liked, because he has the popcorn. Or hated, because of the smell.